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List offers in agriculture, agriculture chemical, oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, mineral, gemstone, metal, alloy, energy and power sectors for products, machinery, equipment, jobs and services 








Classify24 is classifieds, b2b marketplace and business directory  for agriculture, agriculture chemicaloil and gas, petrochemical, mining, mineral, metalalloy, energy and power at classify24.com. Classify24 connect buyers, sellers, exporters, importers and businesses and individuals that search for or offer products, machinery, equipment, jobs or services in these sectors. This is because we realized the importance of these sectors to individuals and businesses and so we hope to serve both local and international buyers and sellers in these sectors through our services. It is without doubt that besides individuals and businesses, one or some of these sectors serve as the economic backbone for countries directly and indirectly as these sectors are sources of revenue and foreign exchange for the government of different countries.  We are dedicated to promote agriculture trade, oil and gas trade,  petrochemicals  trade, minerals trade, gemstones trade, metals trade and alloys trade.  Besides trade, our business directory is aimed at showcasing agriculture businesses or agriculture companies, oil and gas businesses ( oil and gas companies ), petrochemical businesses ( petrochemical companies ), mineral businesses ( mineral companies ), gemstone businesses ( gemstone companies ), metal businesses ( metal companies ) and alloy businesses ( alloy companies ). Thus, we are promoting agricultural industries ( agricultural sectors ), oil and gas industries ( oil and gas sectors ), mining industries ( mining sectors ) and  metallurgy industries ( metallurgy sectors). Based on the concept of our services, some of the categories and what sellers, exporters and businesses can list for sale or export are categorized into the following.

1. Agriculture: Under agriculture, local and international offers can be listed for local sale or export. These are agricultural products ( crops, livestock, fishery, poultry, pets or food items ), agricultural machinery or farm machinery, agricultural equipment or farm equipment, agrochemicals ( fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides ), agricultural businesses or agribusiness, agriculture jobs or agriculture services, agriculture financing and agriculture insurance.


2. Oil and Gas: There are three primary benchmarks  for crude oil which are West Texas Intermediate (WTI), Brent Blend, and Dubai Crude. Others are OPEC Reference Basket, Tapis Crude, Bonny Light, Urals oil and  Isthmus. Thus under oil and gas the following local and international offers can be listed for local sale or export such as natural gas, petroleum  or crude oil, petroleum products ( D2, D6, JP54, MAZUT, LNG, LPG, Bitumen, urea, etc ), oil and gas equipment, oil and gas jobs, oil and gas services, oil and gas businesses, oil and gas financing, oil and gas insurance.


3. Petrochemicals:  Under petrochemicals, local and international offers can be listed for local sale or export. These are petrochemicals, petrochemical products, petrochemical derivatives, petrochemical  equipment, petrochemical businesses, petrochemical jobs, petrochemical services, petrochemical financing and petrochemical insurance.


4. Minerals, Gemstones, Metals and Alloys: Under this category, local and international offers for  minerals, gemstones, metals and alloys  can be listed for local sale or export. These include precious metals, precious stones, semi precious stones, solid minerals, etc,  hence they include  iron ore, copper, granite, bauxite, zinc, manganese, tin ore,  lead, gold, diamond, silver, platinum, palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, iridium and osmium, etc. Besides, mining equipment, mining businesses, mining jobs, mining services, mining financing including gemstone financing, metals financing, alloys financing as well as mining insurance including gemstone insurance, metal insurance and alloy  insurance.

5. Power and Energy: Under this category, products, equipment, jobs and services in energy and power industry can be listed. Thus you can list power and energy products, power and energy equipment and machinery, power and energy jobs, power and energy services, power and energy brokers, power and energy business directory, power and energy sales representatives, power sourcing and energy sourcing services.

 Apart from the products, equipment, jobs and services in these sectors, trade fairs, courses or training, logistics and businesses for sale in the these sectors can also be listed at classify24.

6. Offers Wanted: Under this category, local buyers, international buyers (importers), businesses and individuals in need of products, equipment, jobs or services in agriculture, oil and gas, petrochemicals, mining / minerals, gemstones, metals, alloys and energy / power can list what they want for sellers, exporters, businesses and service providers in these sectors to contact them.

Are you a local seller, exporter or run a business or looking for offers in these sectors? Submit your offers for listing at Classify24 here .


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