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Sourcing agent, broker, sales representative, marketing research, marketing plan and marketing for agriculture, oil and gas, petrochemical, mining/mineral, gemstone, metal, alloy and energy/power industry. Apart from providing the platform for offers in these sectors we are also fully involved in these sectors because we are passionate about these sectors as our contribution to the quest for economic diversification for a sustainable economy.

Classify24 offers these services through our local and international network.

  1. Agriculture sourcing agent, agriculture broker, agriculture sales representative, agriculture marketing, agriculture marketing research and agriculture marketing plan services.

     2. Oil and gas  sourcing agent, oil and gas broker, oil and gas sales representative, oil and gas marketing, oil and gas marketing research and oil and gas marketing plan services.

     3. Petrochemical sourcing agent, petrochemical broker, petrochemical sales representative, petrochemical marketing, petrochemical marketing research and petrochemical marketing plan services.

    4. Mineral sourcing agent, mineral broker, mineral sales representative, mineral marketing, mineral marketing research and mineral marketing plan services.

    5. Gemstone sourcing agent, gemstone broker, gemstone sales representative, gemstone marketing, gemstone marketing research and gemstone marketing plan services.

    6. Metal sourcing agent, metal broker, metal sales representative, metal marketing, metal marketing research and metal marketing plan services.

    7. Alloy sourcing agent, alloy broker, alloy sales representative, alloy marketing, alloy marketing research and alloy marketing plan services.

    8. Power and energy sourcing agent, power and energy broker, power and energy sales representative, power and energy marketing, power and energy marketing research and power and energy marketing plan services.

   9. Social media advertising service: This is a budget-based service that complements our search engine optimization, search engine marketing, content marketing and email marketing for your offers listed on our platform. It will enable us advertise your offer(s) through paid facebook, twitter and/or linkedin advertisement using our social media account(s) to reach targeted customers that will be interested in your agricultural, oil and gas, petrochemical, mining / mineral, gemstone, metal, alloy and energy / power offer(s). Contact us and let us know your budget for our social media advertising service.


Classify24 sourcing agent services involves service sourcing through our local and international  service sourcing agent network as well as product sourcing through our product sourcing agent network in these sectors. You can contact us for any enquiry and negotiation for these premium services.


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