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Going by the meaning of agriculture with reference to the history of agriculture as well as the importance of agriculture one can without fail simply say that agricultural business is any business concerned with agriculture. Any business entity that is involved in agriculture directly or indirectly for the purpose of making profit can be termed agribusiness.

In other words, the meaning of agribusiness is the production of agricultural products (crops and livestock), processing of agricultural products, agricultural equipment and machinery, agricultural chemicals and rendering of agricultural services for profit. This is because an agricultural business either produce agricultural products or provide agricultural services for buyers while making profit or maximizing profit.

Apart from the production of agroproducts and provision of agricultural services, agrobusiness also involves the manufacture and marketing of  agricultural equipment or agricultural machinery. Agribusiness also involves the production and sale of agrochemicals.

Agriculture business is vast since it can as well involve agricultural marketing, agricultural financing, agricultural insurance, agricultural logistics, agricultural education, agricultural jobs, etc. There are different agricultural business opportunities or agricultural investment opportunities.

Agricultural business may be  extended beyond the agricultural industries to also include the  Agro-allied industries. Even agricutural tourism (agritourism) can also be said to be  part of agribusiness. Besides, there are some businesses involved in agricultural research. All the aforementioned aspects involved in agriculture directly or indirectly form the basis for the different types of agricultural business or types of agribusiness.

Types of Agricultural Business

From the on going contextually, we can classify agricultural business into five (5) types which are agricultural products business, agricultural equipment business, agricultural services business, agrochemicals business and agro-allied business. Thus, the classification of agricultural businesses are highlighted as follows.

1. Agricultural Products Business: Agribusiness based on agricultural products is a type of agricultural business that deals with the the production of agricultural products (Plants and animal) for commercial purposes so as to make profit.

Agrobusiness that is focused on agroproducts usually use agribusiness services like agricultural marketing or agricultural advertising in reaching their buyers. The agricultural products are either sold to local buyers or international buyers. Agricultural product exporters export agricultural products to importers of agricultural products who import agricultural products. These products are for immediate consumption by consumers or for production of other products.

The sellers of agricultural products who sell agricultural products are able to reach agricultural products by using various means of agricultural products marketing (agricultural marketing- one of the agricultural business services) which could be by advertising agricultural products online or offline.

Marketing agricultural products online can be done by listing agricultural products on sites like that provides agricultural classifieds, agricultural b2b marketplace or agricultural business directory.

2. Agricultural Equipment Business Or Agricultural Machinery Business: Just like agricultural products business, agricultural equipment business or agricultural machinery business is focused on manufacturing and selling ofagricultural equipment or agricultural machinery.

So many commercial farmers depend on farm equipment or farm machinery for farm mechanization. Thus agricultural equipment are either sold to local buyers or international buyers of such farming equipment.

In other words, agricultural equipment exporters export agricultural equipment to importers of agricultural equipment who import agricultural equipment. Agricultural equipment are either sold online or offline.

3. Agricultural Services Business: This  type of agricultural business provides agricultural services for profit. Without agricultural services, there will be difficulty in the success of agricultural products business and agricultural equipment business in terms of  agricultural education, agricultural research, agricultural marketing, agricultural logistics, agricultural financing, agricultural insurance, agriculture jobs, veterinary services, pet services, etc. These agricultural services are either carried out online or offline.

4. Agrochemicals Business ( Agricultural Chemicals or Agrichemicals): This is a type of agricultural business that is concerned with the manufacturing  and selling of chemicals used in agriculture for profit. These chemicals are either used to increase agricultural products yield (e.g fertilizers), control weeds ( e.g herbicides), control pests (e.g pesticides), etc.

5. Agro-allied Business: This refers to a business that either derive agricultural products and agricultural services or businesses that provide products, equipment, chemicals or services for agricultural sectors . The products are called agro-allied products while their services are called agro-allied services. agro-allied businesses are part of agro-allied industries.

Having known or added to your knowledge of what agricultural business entails to some extent, you can find or list agribusinesses, agricultural products, agricultural equipment, agrochemicals, agricultural logistics, agricultural financing, agricultural insurance, agriculture jobs, veterinary services, pet services, etc.

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