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Natural rsources; Mineral resources

Natural resources or mineral resources of any country  varies. These natural resources and mineral resources  are of different types, quantities and qualities and their availability varies from one country to another. Agriculture(source of agricultural products such as those of plant and animal origin) makes up an essential part of every country’s natural resources. It is an indisputable fact that every country is endowed with one or more natural and mineral resources.

A  common example of  mineral resources is crude oil ( petroleum ) which can be refined to obtain different petroleum products ( premium motor spirit – PMS, automotive gas oil– AGO also known as diesel, dual purpose kerosene– DPK also called kerosene, low pour fuel oil- LPFO, etc ). Besides crude oil and petroleum products, natural gas ( e.g ethane, methane, propane, butane, etc) can be obtained along side with crude oil extraction or oil drilling. In as much as agrochemicals(agricultural chemicals such as a pesticides, fertilizers, etc ) are used in agriculture  so also are petrochemicals obtained from petroleum and natural gas.

Through metallurgy  or mining  metals are obtained which can be used in making alloys. So minerals, gemstones and metals are obtained from mines or ores by mining industries or metallurgy industries. Alloys can be obtained by combining at least one metal with another metal and in some instances it involves the combination of one or more metals with one or more nonmetals. Thus natural resources or mineral resources are of economic importance to each and every country that have them in qualities and quantities. This is because these resources when harnessed serves as  the major or part of sources of revenue and income to the government and individuals that trade them locally or internationally by people who sell minerals or export minerals while making the minerals available for people who buy minerals or import minerals for different uses. Buying minerals or selling minerals apart from being done by local sellers of minerals to generate revenue or income, exporting minerals or importing minerals by exporters of minerals or importers of minerals are however expected to  follow acceptable international trade standards for the exportation of minerals or importation for minerals through which the government of such country earn foreign exchange as revenue in the same way the businesses or individual earn revenue or income. Also the minerals through the sectors that deal on them serves as sources of job creation for the unemployed interested in working in such  sectors. These natural resources and proceeds from them can be used by the government in providing basic amenities for citizens as well as in providing infrastructural development as human resources development for the country.

Some Countries And Some of Their Natural Resources Or Mineral Resources

Afghanistan Natural Resources or Afghanistan Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Afghanistan or mineral resources in Afghanistan  are crude oil, natural gas, gold, copper, lithium, uranium, iron ore, cobalt, etc.

 Albania Natural Resources or Albania Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Albania or mineral resources in Albania are crude oil, natural gas, iron, nickel, chromium, copper, etc.

Algeria Natural Resources or Algeria Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Algeria or mineral resources in Algeria crude oil, natural gas, lead, zinc, iron ore, phosphates, uranium

Natural resources in Andorra or mineral resources in Andorra

Natural resources in Andorra or mineral resources in Andorra iron ore, lead, mineral water, timber, etc.

Argentina Natural Resources or Argentina Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Argentina or mineral resources in Argentina crude are oil,  tin, uranium, copper, lead, zinc, iron ore, manganese, etc.

Armenia Natural Resources or Armenia Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Armenia or mineral resources in Armenia are crude, gold, silver, aluminum, zinc, antimony, copper, molybdenum, lead, etc.

Australia Natural Resources or Australia Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Australia or mineral resources in Australia are crude oil, natural gas, coal, lead, zinc, diamonds, bauxite, iron ore, copper, tin, gold, silver, uranium, nickel, tungsten, rare earth elements, mineral sands, etc.

Austria Natural Resources or Austria Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Australia or mineral resources in Australia are lead, zinc, iron, gypsum, antimony, lignite, etc.

Azerbaijan Natural Resources or Azerbaijan Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Azerbaijan or mineral resources in Azerbaijan are crude oil, natural gas, natural gas, bauxite, iron ore, nonferrous metals, etc.

Bahamas Natural Resources or Bahamas Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Bahamas or mineral resources in Bahamas are aragonite, salt, etc.

Bahrain Natural Resources or Bahrain Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Bahrain or mineral resources in Bahrain are crude oil, natural gas, etc.

Bangladesh Natural Resources or Bangladesh Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Bangladesh or mineral resources in Bangladesh are coal, natural gas, etc

Barbados Natural Resources or Barbados Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Barbados or mineral resources in Barbados are small quantity of crude oil & natural gas, etc.

Belgium Natural Resources or Belgium Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Belgium or mineral resources in Belgium are natural gas, silica, coal, carbonates, etc.

Belarus Natural Resources or Belarus Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Belarus or mineral resources in Belarus are small quantity of crude oil & natural gas, dolomite, limestone, granite,  peat, potash, rock salts, fields, clay, etc.

Belize Natural Resources or Belize Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Belize or mineral resources in Belize are gold, gravel, marble, sand, clay, limestone, etc.

Benin Natural Resources or Benin Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Benin or mineral resources in Benin are marble, crude oil,  limestone, etc.

Bhutan Natural Resources or Bhutan Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Bhutan or mineral resources in Bhutan are limestone, calcium carbide, dolomite, gypsum, coal, marble, quartzite, talc, etc

Bolivia Natural Resources or Bolivia Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Bolivia or mineral resources in Bolivia are

crude oil, natural gas, gold, silver, lead, iron, tin, zinc, antimony, tungsten, etc.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Natural Resources or Bosnia and Herzegovina Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Bosnia and Herzegovina or mineral resources in Bosnia and Herzegovina are zinc, chromite, cobalt, manganese, coal, copper, lead,  nickel, iron ore, bauxite, clay, gypsum, salt, sand, etc.

Botswana Natural Resources or Botswana Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Botswana or mineral resources in Botswana are coal, gold, silver, diamond, iron, potash, copper, nickel, etc.

Brazil Natural Resources or Brazil Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Brazil or mineral resources in Brazil are crude oil, bauxite, gold, iron ore, platinum, tin,  uranium, manganese, nickel, phosphates, rare earth elements, etc.

Brunei Natural Resources or Brunei Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Brunei or mineral resources in Brunei are crude oil, natural gas, etc.

Bulgaria Natural Resources or Bulgaria Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Bulgaria or mineral resources in Bulgaria are  lead, zinc, coal,bauxite, copper, etc.

Burkina Faso Natural Resources or Burkina Faso  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Burkina Faso  or mineral resources in Burkina Faso are gold, marble, manganese, limestone, salt, phosphates, pumice, etc.

Burma Natural Resources or Burma  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Burma  or mineral resources in Burma are crude oil, natural gas, zinc, copper, tin, antimony, tungsten, lead, coal, marble, etc.

Burundi Natural Resources or Burundi  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Burundi  or mineral resources in Burundi are gold, tin, tungsten, kaolin, limestone, nickel, uranium,  cobalt, copper, platinum, vanadium, niobium, tantalum, rare earth oxides, peat, etc.

Cambodia Natural Resources or Cambodia  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Cambodia  or mineral resources in Cambodia are crude oil, natural  gas, phosphates, gemstones, iron ore, manganese, etc.

Cameroon Natural Resources or Cameroon  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Cameroon  or mineral resources in Cameroon are crude oil, natural gas, bauxite, iron ore, etc.

Canada Natural Resources or Canada  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Canada or mineral resources in Canada are crude oil, natural gas, gold, silver, diamond, coal, iron ore, nickel, zinc, copper, lead,  molybdenum, potash, rare earth elements, etc.

Cape Verde Natural Resources or Cape Verde  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Cape Verde or mineral resources in Cape Verde are limestone, pozzolana, salt, basalt rock, limestone, kaolin, clay, gypsum, etc.

Central African Republic Natural Resources or Central African Republic  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Central African Republic or mineral resources in Central African Republic are diamonds,  gold, uranium, hydro power, crude oil, , etc.

Chad Natural Resources or Chad  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Chad or mineral resources in Chad are gold, limestone, crude oil, uranium, gravel, natron, salt, sand, etc.

Chile Natural Resources or Chile  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Chile or mineral resources in Chile are copper, nitrates, iron ore, precious metals, molybdenum, etc.

China Natural Resources or China  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in China or mineral resources in China are crude oil, natural gas, coal, aluminum, lead, zinc, uranium, iron ore, mercury, manganese, molybdenum, tin, tungsten, antimony, vanadium, magnetite, rare earth elements, etc.

Columbia Natural Resources or Columbia  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Columbia or mineral resources in Columbia are crude oil, natural gas, gold, copper, emeralds, coal, iron ore, nickel, etc.

Congo Natural Resources or Congo  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Congo or mineral resources in Congo are crude oil, diamonds, gold, silver, zinc, manganese, tin, uranium, coal, cobalt, copper, niobium, tantalum, etc.

 Costa Rica Natural Resources or Costa Rica  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Costa Rica or mineral resources in Costa Rica are copper, bauxite, etc.

Côte d’Ivoire Natural Resources or Côte d’Ivoire Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Côte d’Ivoire or mineral resources in Côte d’Ivoire are crude oil, natural gas, diamonds, manganese, iron, cobalt, bauxite, copper, etc.

Croatia Natural Resources or Croatia Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Croatia or mineral resources in Croatia are crude oil, coal, bauxite, low-grade iron ore, calcium,natural asphalt, silica, mica, clay, salt, etc.

Cuba Natural Resources or Cuba Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Cuba or mineral resources in Cuba are crude oil, manganese, salt, silica, cobalt, nickel, iron ore, copper,  etc

Curacao Natural Resources or Curacao Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Curacao or mineral resources in Curacao are crude oil, phosphates, salt, etc.

Cyprus Natural Resources or Cyprus Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Cyprus or mineral resources in Cyprus are marble, copper, gypsum, pyrites, asbestos, salt, clay earth pigment, etc.

Czech Republic Natural Resources or Czech Republic Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Czech Republic or mineral resources in Czech Republic are coal, kaolin, clay, graphite, etc.

Denmark Natural Resources or Denmark Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Denmark or mineral resources in Denmark are crude oil, natural gas, gravel, sand, limestone, chalk, clay and salt

Djibouti Natural Resources or Djibouti Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Djibouti or mineral resources in Djibouti are crude oil, limestone, gypsum, gold, clay, granite, marble, salt, etc.

Dominican Republic Natural Resources or Dominican Republic Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Dominican Republic or mineral resources in Dominican Republic are nickel, bauxite, gold, silver, etc.

East Timor Natural Resources or East Timor Mineral Resources

Natural resources in East Timor or mineral resources in East Timor are gold, crude oil, natural gas, marble, manganese, etc.

Ecuador Natural Resources or Ecuador Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Ecuador or mineral resources in Ecuador are crude oil, etc.

Egypt Natural Resources or Egypt Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Egypt or mineral resources in Egypt are crude oil, natural gas, gold, iron ore, phosphates, etc.

El Salvador Natural Resources or El Salvador Mineral Resources

Natural resources in El Salvador or mineral resources in El Salvador are crude oil, etc.

Equatorial Guinea Natural Resources or Equatorial Guinea Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Equatorial Guinea or mineral resources in Equatorial Guinea are crude oil, natural gas, diamond, gold, bauxite, sand, clay, tantalum, gravel, etc.

Eritrea Natural Resources or Eritrea Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Eritrea or mineral resources in Eritrea  are zinc, copper, gold, potash, salt, crude oil, natural gas, etc.

Estonia Natural Resources or Estonia Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Estonia or mineral resources in Estonia  are limestone, dolomite, oil shale, peat, phosphorite, clay, sand, rare earth elements, etc.

Ethiopia Natural Resources or Ethiopia Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Ethiopia or mineral resources in Ethiopia  are natural gas, copper, gold, platinum, , potash, etc.

Fiji Natural Resources or Fiji Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Fiji or mineral resources in Fiji  are crude oil, copper, gold, etc.

Finland Natural Resources or Finland Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Finland or mineral resources in Finland  are gold, silver, limestone, iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, chromite, nickel, etc.

France Natural Resources or France Mineral Resources

Natural resources in France or mineral resources in France are zinc, uranium,  coal, iron ore, feldspar, fluorospar, gypsum, bauxite, antimony, arsenic, potash, etc.

Gabon Natural Resources or Gabon Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Gabon or mineral resources in Gabon are crude oil, natural gas, gold, silver, diamonds, manganese, iron,  lead, zinc, baryte, talc, niobium, phosphates, etc.

Georgia Natural Resources or Georgia Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Georgia or mineral resources in Georgia are copper, coal, crude oil, manganese, iron ore, etc.

Germany Natural Resources or Germany Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Germany or mineral resources in Germany are natural gas, iron ore, lignite, potash, salt, uranium, nickel, copper, etc.

Ghana Natural Resources or Ghana Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Ghana or mineral resources in Ghana are gold, silver, cocoa, aluminum, limestone,  bauxite, crude oil, etc.

Greece Natural Resources or Greece Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Greece or mineral resources in Greece are marble, bauxite, silver, iron ore, lead, zinc, nickel, magnesite, crude oil, etc.

Guatemala Natural Resources or Guatemala Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Guatemala or mineral resources in Guatemala are crude oil, nickel, etc.

Guinea Natural Resources or Guatemala Mineral Resources 

Natural resources in Guinea or mineral resources in Guinea are diamonds, gold, bauxite, alumina, etc.

Guinea-Bissau Natural Resources or Guinea-Bissau Mineral Resources 

Natural resources in Guinea-Bissau or mineral resources in Guinea-Bissau are granite, limestone, crude oil, phosphates, bauxite, clay, etc.

Guyana Natural Resources or Guyana Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Guyana or mineral resources in Guyana are gold, diamond, bauxite, etc.

Haiti Natural Resources or Haiti Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Haiti or mineral resources in Haiti are gold, marble, bauxite, copper, calcium carbonate, etc.

Honduras Natural Resources or Honduras Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Honduras or mineral resources in Honduras are gold, silver, antimony, coal, copper, lead, zinc, iron ore, etc.

Hong Kong Natural Resources or Hong Kong Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Hong Kong or mineral resources in Hong Kong are feldspar, iron, manganese, tungsten, lead, zinc, copper, molybdenum, tin, silver, quartz, kaolin, etc

Hungary Natural Resources or Hungary  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Hungary or mineral resources in Hungary are coal, natural gas, bauxite, etc.

India Natural Resources or India  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in India or mineral resources in India are gold, silver, lead, zinc, iron ore, manganese , tin, copper, chromite, bauxite, etc.

Indonesia Natural Resources or Indonesia  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Indonesia or mineral resources in Indonesia are crude oil, natural gas, tin, copper, gold tin, nickel, copper, etc.

Iran Natural Resources or Iran  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Iran or mineral resources in Iran are crude oil,  natural gas, copper, iron ore, lead, coal,zinc, sulfur, chromium,  manganese, etc.

Iraq Natural Resources or Iraq  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Iraq or mineral resources in Iraq are crude oil, natural gas, sulfur, phosphates, etc

Ireland Natural Resources or Ireland  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Ireland or mineral resources in Ireland are crude oil, natural gas, dolomite, barite, limestone, gypsum, silver, zinc peat, copper, lead, etc.

Israel Natural Resources or Israel  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Israel or mineral resources in Israel are natural gas, copper, magnesium, potash, bromine, sand, clay, etc.

Italy Natural Resources or Italy  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Italy or mineral resources in Italy are coal, mercury, zinc, potash, crude oil, natural gas, marble, barite, asbestos, pumice, fluorspar, feldspar, sulfur, etc.

Jamaica Natural Resources or Jamaica  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Jamaica or mineral resources in Jamaica are  bauxite, gypsum, limestone, alumina, etc.

Japan Natural Resources or Japan Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Japan or mineral resources in Japan are copper, gold, silver, coal, iron, crude oil, etc.

Jordan Natural Resources or Jordan  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Jordan or mineral resources in Jordan are crude oil, natural gas, phosphates, potash, etc.

Kazakhstan Natural Resources or Kazakhstan  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Kazakhstan or mineral resources in Kazakhstan are iron, coal, uranium, lead, zinc, tungsten, molybdenum, borates, phosphorite, copper, potassium, cadmium, chromium, vanadium, bismuth, fluorine, etc.

Kenya Natural Resources or Kenya  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Kenya or mineral resources in Kenya are crude oil, natural gas, gypsum, limestone, soda ash, salt, gemstones, fluorspar, zinc, diatomite, etc.

kiribati Natural Resources or kiribati  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in kiribati or mineral resources in kiribati used to be phosphates.

North Korea Natural Resources or North Korea  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in North Korea or mineral resources in North Korea are crude oil, copper, gold, coal, lead, magnesite, iron ore, pyrites, salt, fluorspar, tungsten, zinc, graphite, etc.

south korea Natural Resources or south korea  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in south korea or mineral resources in south korea are coal, limestone, iron ore, graphite, tungsten,  molybdenum, etc.

kosovo Natural Resources or kosovo  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in kosovo or mineral resources in kosovo are zinc, lead, coal,  silver, chromium, lignite, etc.

kuwait  Natural Resources or kuwait  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in kuwait  or mineral resources in kuwait  are crude oil, natural gas, etc.

kyrgyzstan Natural Resources or kyrgyzstan  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in kyrgyzstan or mineral resources in kyrgyzstan are crude oil, natural gas, gold, coal, nepheline, mercury, bismuth, lead, zinc, rare earth elements, etc.

Laos Natural Resources or Laos Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Laos or mineral resources in Laos are gold, gemstones, gypsum, tin, etc.

Latvia Natural Resources or Latvia  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Latvia or mineral resources in Latvia are  limestone, dolomite,  peat, etc.

Lebanon Natural Resources or Lebanon  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Lebanon or mineral resources in Lebanon are limestone, iron ore, salt, etc.

Lesotho  Natural Resources or Lesotho Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Lesotho or mineral resources in Lesotho  are diamonds, sand, clay, etc.

Liberia Natural Resources or Liberia Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Liberia or mineral resources in Liberia are iron ore, diamond, gold, etc.

Libya Natural Resources or Libya Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Libya or mineral resources in Libya are crude oil, natural gas, gypsum, etc.

Lithuania Natural Resources or Lithuania Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Lithuania or mineral resources in Lithuania are limestone, clay, sand, gravel, peat, etc.

Luxembourg Natural Resources or Luxembourg  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Luxembourg  or mineral resources in Luxembourg  used to be iron ore.

Macau Natural Resources or Macau Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Macau or mineral resources in Macau used to be granite.

Macedonia Natural Resources or Macedonia Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Macedonia or mineral resources in Macedonia are gold, silver, iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, tungsten, asbestos, gypsum, chromite, manganese, etc.

Madagascar  Natural Resources or Madagascar  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Madagascar or mineral resources in Madagascar are graphite, semiprecious stones, mica, chromite, coal, bauxite, quartz, tar sands, rare earth elements, salt, etc.

Malawi  Natural Resources or Malawi Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Malawi or mineral resources in Malawi are limestone, uranium, aquamarine, tourmaline, rubies, sapphires, coal, bauxite, phosphates, graphite, granite, etc.

Malaysia Natural Resources or Malaysia Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Malaysia or mineral resources in Malaysia are crude oil, natural gas, copper, iron ore, bauxite, tin, etc.

Mali Natural Resources or Mali Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Mali or mineral resources in Mali are kaolin, salt, phosphate, gold, limestone, etc

Malta Natural Resources or Malta  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Malta or mineral resources in Malta  are salt, limestone, etc.

Mauritania Natural Resources or Mauritania Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Mauritania or mineral resources in Mauritania  are crude oil, diamonds, gold, iron ore, gypsum, copper, phosphate, etc.

Mexico Natural Resources or Mexico  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Mexico or mineral resources in Mexico are crude oil, natural gas, gold, silver, zinc, copper, lead, etc.

Micronesia Natural Resources or Micronesia Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Micronesia  or mineral resources in Micronesia are deep-seabed minerals, phosphate, etc.

Moldova Natural Resources or Moldova Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Moldova or mineral resources in Moldova are gypsum, phosphorite, lignite, etc.

Mongolia Natural Resources or Mongolia Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Mongolia or mineral resources in Mongolia are gold, coal, fluorspar, uranium, tin, tungsten, copper,  molybdenum, etc.

Montenegro Natural Resources or Montenegro Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Montenegro or mineral resources in Montenegro are coal, bauxite, etc.

Morocco Natural Resources or Morocco Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Morocco or mineral resources in Morocco are coal, barite, manganese, lead, zinc, iron ore, etc.

Mozambique Natural Resources or Mozambique Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Mozambique or mineral resources in Mozambique are natural gas, tantalum, graphite, coal, titanium, etc.

Namibia Natural Resources or Namibia Mineral Resources 

Natural resources in Namibia or mineral resources in Namibia are crude oil, coal, iron ore, diamonds, zinc, salt, vanadium, copper, gold, uranium, lead, tin, etc.

Nauru Natural Resources or Nauru Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Nauru or mineral resources in Nauru is/are phosphates, etc.

Nepal Natural Resources or Nepal Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Nepal or mineral resources in Nepal are lignite, quartz, iron ore, copper,cobalt, etc.

Netherlands Natural Resources or Netherlands Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Netherlands or mineral resources in Netherlands are crude oil, natural gas, peat, salt, sand, gravel,  limestone, etc.

Netherlands Antilles Natural Resources or Netherlands Antilles Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Netherlands Antilles or mineral resources in Netherlands Antilles are salt, phosphates, etc.

New Zealand Natural Resources or New Zealand Mineral Resources

Natural resources in New Zealand or mineral resources in New Zealand are gold, natural gas, limestone, iron ore, sand, coal, etc.

Nicaragua Natural Resources or Nicaragua Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Nicaragua or mineral resources in Nicaragua are  iron ore, lead, gypsum, gold, silver, zinc, copper, etc.

Niger Natural Resources or Niger  Resources

Natural resources in Niger or mineral resources in Niger are gold, molybdenum, crude oil, uranium, coal, iron ore, gypsum, salt, tin, phosphates,  etc.

Nigeria Natural Resources or Nigeria Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Nigeria or mineral resources in Nigeria  are crude oil, natural gas, niobium, lead, zinc, tin, iron ore, coal, limestone, etc. You can read in details about natural resources of Nigeria or mineral resources of Nigeria  from the article: How Nigeria Can Remain Africa’s Largest Economy . The article highlights the natural resources or mineral resources of each Nigerian State.

North Korea Natural Resources or North Korea Mineral Resources

Natural resources in North Korea or mineral resources in North Korea are crude oil, iron ore, copper, gold, coal,   pyrites, salt, fluorspar, lead, tungsten, zinc, graphite, magnesite, etc.

Norway Natural Resources or Norway Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Norway or mineral resources in Norway are crude oil, natural gas, iron ore, copper, pyrites, nickel, lead, zinc, titanium, etc.

Oman Natural Resources or Oman Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Oman or mineral resources in Oman are crude oil, natural gas, copper, asbestos, chromium, gypsum, marble, limestone,  etc.

Pakistan Natural Resources or Pakistan Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Pakistan or mineral resources in Pakistan are some crude oil, natural gas,silver,gold, precious stones, gems,  gypsum, limestone, chromites, iron ore, rock salt, marbles, copper, sulfur, etc.

Palestine Natural Resources or Palestine Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Palestine  or mineral resources in Palestine are crude oil, natural gas, gold, precious stones, etc

Panama Natural Resources or Panama Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Panama or mineral resources in Panama is/are copper, etc.

Papua New Guinea Natural Resources or Papua New Guinea Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Papua New Guinea or mineral resources in Papua New Guinea are crude oil, gold, silver, copper, etc.

Paraguay Natural Resources or Paraguay Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Paraguay or mineral resources in Paraguay are limestone, manganese, iron ore, etc.

Peru Natural Resources or Peru Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Peru or mineral resources in Peru are crude oil, natural gas, copper, silver, gold,  iron ore, coal, phosphate, potash, etc.

Philippines Natural Resources or Philippines Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Philippines or mineral resources in Philippines are gold, silver, nickel, mercury, molybdenum, cadmium, and manganese, iron ore, lead, zinc, chromite, copper, etc.

Poland Natural Resources or Poland Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Poland or mineral resources in Poland are zinc, lead, silver, copper, sulphur,  magnesium, rock salt, coal, etc.

Portugal Natural Resources or Portugal Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Portugal or mineral resources in Portugal are silver, gold,uranium, iron ore, copper, marble, clay, gypsum, salt, zinc, tin, tungsten, etc.

Qatar Natural Resources or Qatar Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Qatar or mineral resources in Qatar are crude oil, natural gas, etc.

Romania Natural Resources or Romania Mineral Resources 

Natural resources in Romania or mineral resources in Romania are mercury, gold, coal, limestone, magnesite, marble, iron ore, copper, chromium, uranium,  strontium, emery, feldspar,  perlite, pumice, sulfur, antimony,  barite, borate, etc.

Russia Natural Resources or Russia Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Russia or mineral resources in Russia are crude oil, coal, uranium, rare earth elements, etc.

Rwanda Natural Resources or Rwanda Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Rwanda or mineral resources in Rwanda are gold, tin ore, tungsten ore, methane, etc.

Saint Lucia Natural Resources or Saint Lucia Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Saint Lucia or mineral resources in Saint Lucia are pumice, mineral springs, etc.

Saudi Arabia Natural Resources or Saudi Arabia Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Saudi Arabia or mineral resources in Saudi Arabia are crude oil, natural gas, iron ore, gold, copper, etc.

Senegal Natural Resources or Senegal Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Senegal or mineral resources in Senegal are crude oil, natural gas, phosphates, iron ore, gold, etc.

Serbia Natural Resources or Serbia Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Serbia or mineral resources in Serbia are crude oil, natural gas, coal, gold, silver, magnesium, pyrite, limestone, marble, iron ore, copper, zinc, antimony, chromite, etc.

Seychelles Natural Resources or Seychelles Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Seychelles or mineral resources in Seychelles are crude oil, natural gas, etc.

Sierra Leone Natural Resources or Sierra Leone Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Sierra Leone or mineral resources in Sierra Leone are bauxite, titanium (rutile), iron ore diamonds, gold, etc.

Singapore Natural Resources or Singapore Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Singapore or mineral resources in Singapore are some quantities of coal, crude oil, natural gas, etc.

Saint Martin Natural Resources or Saint Martin Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Saint Martin or mineral resources in Saint Martin is/are salt, etc.

Slovakia Natural Resources or Slovakia Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Slovakia or mineral resources in Slovakia are iron ore, copper, manganese, coal, lignite, etc.

Slovenia Natural Resources or Slovenia Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Slovenia or mineral resources in Slovenia are   lead, zinc, lignite, coal, etc.

Solomon Islands Natural Resources or Solomon Islands Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Solomon Islands or mineral resources in Solomon Islands are lead, zinc, nickel  gold, bauxite, phosphates, etc.

Somalia Natural Resources or Somalia Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Somalia or mineral resources in Somalia are gypsum, bauxite, copper, salt,  uranium, iron ore, tin, etc

South Africa Natural Resources or South Africa Mineral Resources

Natural resources in South Africa or mineral resources in South Africa are natural gas, diamonds, gold, manganese, chromium, copper, uranium, silver, beryllium, titanium, iron ore, platinum, etc.

South Korea Natural Resources or South Korea Mineral Resources

Natural resources in South Korea or mineral resources in South Korea are  iron ore, molybdenum, coal, tungsten,limestone, graphite, etc.

South Sudan Natural Resources or South Sudan Mineral Resources

Natural resources in South Sudan or mineral resources in South Sudan are crude oil, silver, gold iron ore, zinc, tungsten, mica, copper, chromium, etc.

Spain Natural Resources or Spain Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Spain or mineral resources in Spain are iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, coal, lignite,  uranium,  fluorspar, gypsum, sepiolite, kaolin, potash, tungsten, mercury, pyrites, magnesite, etc.

Sri Lanka Natural Resources or Sri Lanka Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Sri Lanka or mineral resources in Sri Lanka are clay,  mineral sands, limestone, graphite, phosphates, gems, etc.

Sudan Natural Resources or Sudan Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Sudan or mineral resources in Sudan are crude oil, silver, gold, Tungsten, zinc. chromium, copper, iron ore, mica, etc.

Suriname Natural Resources or Suriname Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Suriname or mineral resources in Suriname are platinum, iron ore, nickel, copper,  bauxite, gold, etc.

Swaziland Natural Resources or Swaziland Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Swaziland  or mineral resources in Swaziland  are gold, diamond,  asbestos, coal, quarry stone, talc, clay, tin, etc.

Sweden Natural Resources or Sweden Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Sweden or mineral resources in Sweden are  uranium, zinc, iron ore, copper, lead, gold, silver, etc.

Switzerland Natural Resources or Switzerland Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Switzerland or mineral resources in Switzerland are manganese, iron, salt, etc.

Syria Natural Resources or Syria Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Syria or mineral resources in Syria are  crude oil, natural gas, rock salt, marble, gypsum, asphalt, iron ore, phosphates, chrome, manganese, etc.

Taiwan Natural Resources or Taiwan Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Taiwan or mineral resources in Taiwan are natural gas, coal, limestone, marble, etc.

Tajikistan Natural Resources or Tajikistan Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Tajikistan or mineral resources in Tajikistan are crude oil, natural gas, aluminum, iron, silver lead,  molybdenum, tungsten, zinc, gold, copper, bismuth, strontium, etc.

Tanzania Natural Resources or Tanzania Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Tanzania or mineral resources in Tanzania are natural gas, tanzanite, uranium gold, diamond, iron, nickel, coal, etc.

Thailand  Natural Resources or Thailand Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Thailand or mineral resources in Thailand are natural gas, lead, gypsum, lignite, tungsten, tantalum, fluorite, tin, etc.

Timor-Leste  Natural Resources or Timor-Leste Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Timor-Leste or mineral resources in Timor-Leste are crude oil, natural gas, marble, manganese, gold, etc.

Togo  Natural Resources or Togo Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Togo or mineral resources in Togo are phosphates, limestone, marble, etc.

Trinidad and Tobago Natural Resources or Trinidad and Tobago Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Trinidad and Tobago or mineral resources in Trinidad and Tobago are crude oil, natural gas, asphalt, etc

Tunisia Natural Resources or Tunisia Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Tunisia or mineral resources in Tunisia are crude oil, iron ore, lead, zinc, salt, phosphates, etc.

Turkey  Natural Resources or Turkey  Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Turkey  or mineral resources in Turkey are limestone, magnesite, marble coal, iron ore, copper, chromium, antimony, mercury, gold, barite,  feldspar, perlite, pumice, sulfur, borate, strontium, emery, etc

Turkmenistan Natural Resources or  Turkmenistan Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Turkmenistan or mineral resources in Turkmenistan are natural gas, sulfur, salt, etc.

Uganda Natural Resources or  Uganda Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Uganda or mineral resources in Uganda are crude oil, natural gas, cobalt, salt, gold, copper, limestone, etc.

Ukraine Natural Resources or  Ukraine Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Ukraine or mineral resources in Ukraine are nickel, mercury, crude oil, natural gas, graphite, titanium,salt, sulfur,  magnesium, kaolin, etc.

United Arab Emirates Resources or  United Arab Emirates Mineral Resources

Natural resources in United Arab Emirates or mineral resources in United Arab Emirates are crude oil, natural gas, etc.

United Kingdom Resources or  United Kingdom Mineral Resources

Natural resources in United Kingdom or mineral resources in United Kingdom are crude oil, natural gas, silver, gold, lead, limestone, chalk, gypsum, iron ore, tin, silica, rock salt, clay, etc.

Uruguay Resources or  Uruguay Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Uruguay or mineral resources in Uruguay are some minerals

Uzbekistan Resources or Uzbekistan Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Uzbekistan or mineral resources in Uzbekistan are crude oil, natural gas, lead, tungsten, molybdenum, coal, copper, zinc, etc.

Vanuatu Resources or Vanuatu Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Vanuatu or mineral resources in Vanuatu is/are manganese, etc.

Venezuela Resources or Venezuela Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Venezuela or mineral resources in Venezuela are crude oil, natural gas, bauxite, diamond, gold, iron ore, etc.

Vietnam Resources or Vietnam Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Vietnam or mineral resources in Vietnam are crude oil, natural gas, phosphates, bauxite, chromate, coal, manganese, rare earth elements, etc.

Yemen Resources or Yemen Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Yemen or mineral resources in Yemen are crude oil, natural gas, rock salt, marble, coal, gold, lead, nickel, copper, etc.

Zambia Resources or Zambia Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Zambia or mineral resources in Zambia are emeralds, gold, silver, uranium, copper, cobalt, zinc, lead, coal,  etc.

Zimbabwe Resources or Zimbabwe Mineral Resources

Natural resources in Zimbabwe or mineral resources in Zimbabwe are nickel, copper, iron ore coal, lithium, tin, platinum, chromium ore, asbestos, gold, , vanadium, etc.

Based on the context of this article, it is important to note that the natural resources of some countries were not listed maybe because the economy of such countries are mainly dependent on agriculture, tourism or other sectors or simply because there was no available information  for their natural mineral resources as at the time  of our research before publishing this article. Although some of these countries have these minerals based on reports from geological surveys however some of these minerals are either being exploited minimally or not even  exploited yet due to a number of factors. Also we used “etc” at the end of each listings to denote other minerals as well as those that might be discovered by geological surveys and researches maybe in the future. We may update this article with time.

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