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Learn about agriculture trade and finding agricultural buyers, agricultural sellers, agricultural trade facilitators and agricultural business partnership opportunities.

Agricultural Trade

Agriculture trade or agricultural trade is the buying and selling of agricultural products, agricultural equipment and machinery, agrochemicals and agricultural services.

Agricultural Marketplace: Agricultural Market

Agricultural marketplace or agricultural marketplace is a platform that connects buyers and sellers for agricultural products and services. An agriculture marketplace serves as a platform that promote agricultural trade and agricultural businesses that are involved in the buying and selling of agricultural products and agricultural services locally or internationally for the agricultural industry.

Agricultural marketplace facilitates selling agricultural products, buying agricultural products, selling agricultural equipment and machinery, buying agricultural equipment and machinery, selling agricultural chemicals and buying agricultural chemicals as well as providing and finding agricultural services.

An agricultural marketplace can serve as a local agricultural marketplace, international agricultural marketplace or both.

Agricultural Marketing and Agricultural Marketers.

Agricultural marketing involves all marketing efforts used in sourcing agricultural buyers, agricultural sellers, agricultural service providers and agricultural service seekers within the agricultural value chains. Agricultural marketers are marketers(individuals and businesses) who are utilizing all marketing channels to either source agricultural sellers or agricultural buyers of agricultural products and services.

Farmers Marketplace: Farmers Market.

This is an aspect of agricultural marketplace  because farming is an aspect of agriculture. Farmers marketplace connect farmers with customers and buyers who are  buying and selling farm  products and agricultural related services.

International Agricultural Trade.

Agricultural trade beyond the shores of a country is called  international agricultural trade.  Individuals and businesses that deal on agricultural products internationally are known to export agricultural products and import agricultural products. This is referred to as the import and export of agricultural products.

In the same way, those that deal on agricultural equipment and machinery outside their country of residence export agricultural equipment and machinery and import agricultural equipment and machinery. This is the export and import of agricultural equipment and machinery. Even agricultural chemicals are traded internationally. Agrochemical exporters export agrochemicals while agrochemical importers import agrochemicals. International agricultural services equally fall under international agricultural trade.

International agricultural trading involves exporting agricultural products, importing agricultural products, exporting agricultural equipment and machinery,  importing agricultural equipment and machinery, exporting agricultural chemicals, importing agricultural chemicals as well as services. All these make up agriculture trading or trading agriculture internationally.

Agricultural Properties Trade.

Some circumstances can make agricultural business owners or companies offer their agricultural properties for sale. They sell agricultural properties to agricultural property buyers. On the other hand, individuals and companies interested in agricultural properties do buy agricultural properties from agricultural property sellers. This can therefore be referred to an aspect of agricultural trade.

Agricultural Business Sales.

Business owners or companies can offer agricultural businesses for sale due to a number of reasons. Hence, agricultural business owners can sell agricultural businesses to those who buy agricultural businesses. Selling agricultural businesses or buying agricultural businesses is not a new concept hence it is an aspect of agricultural trade too.

Factors Affecting Agricultural Trade.

So many factors influence agricultural trade. Some of the factors includes but not limited to the following.
1. Demand and supply factors affect agricultural trade. From agricultural products and agricultural equipment and machinery to agricultural chemicals and agricultural services are affected by the forces of demand and supply. For example, when there is less production of agricultural products and less availability of agricultural services, prices increase. However, when there is higher availability of agricultural products and agricultural services, prices decrease.

2. Seasonal demand factor affect agricultural trade. The prices of agricultural products and services are affected by seasonal demands. For example, certain agricultural products and services are in high demand and low demand at different times of the year. This of course affect agricultural markets and prices of agricultural products and services.

Importance of Agricultural Trade.

Agricultural trade is very important. It is a source of revenue and jobs for individuals, businesses and countries involved in it. Besides, agriculture trade is needed for the agriculture industry thrive. Agricultural trade centres around agricultural buying and agricultural selling process locally, internationally or both. It help farmers have access to market and those sourcing for agricultural products and services have access to them. It encourages food production and food security. Agricultural trade helps reduce poverty and hunger. It can equally help reduce social vices especially for those engaged in any aspect of agricultural value chains.

Classify24 Agricultural Trade Facilitators(Agricultural Trade Facilitation).

Being agricultural trade facilitators, we are into agricultural trade facilitation. At Classify24, we connect agricultural traders for agricultural deals.
Classify24 have flexible pricing plans for targeted industries as well as agriculture trade- agricultural products, agricultural equipment and machinery and agricultural services via our agricultural marketplace and agricultural business directory. Moreover, we facilitate trade for agriculture by acting as agricultural marketers, agricultural sales representatives, agricultural sales agents and agricultural trade brokers through our local and international networks.

More so, we are equally open for and offer partnership opportunities in selected industries one of which is agriculture/agro-allied with reputable, verifiable and reliable businesses and government/government agencies who will want us to work with them directly.

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