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Oil and Gas Products: Mazut, D2 and JP54 are available at very good prices and terms for buyers or importers of Mazut, D2 and JP54.

Oil and Gas, Petroleum Product, Mazut, D2, JP54

Oil and Gas Products; Petroleum Products










1. Product: D2 gas oil
Origin: Russia
Loading  Port: Primorsk, Russia.
100KMT  Spot
Price is FOB $410/380
Commission: $3/MT
2. Products: JP54  colonial grade
Price is FOB $45/BBL
Loading Port: Primorsk, Russia.

3. MAZUT M100 Price $240/MT FOB

Loading  Port: Primorsk, Russia.



1. Buyer issues ICPO to Seller with procedures as per SCO.

2. Seller issues draft contract with commercial invoice to buyer, buyer sign and return to seller for final endorsement.

3. Seller issues Refinery PPOP documents for buyers review and authentication.
A. Product Passport
B. Commitment to Supply from Title holder
C. Product Availability in the Storage Reservoir
D. Export License
E. Certificate of Origin
F. Pre-injection Receipt
G. Certificate Of Tax Registration
4. Upon the receipt & verification of the above POP documents, the Buyer shall within 48 hours provide TSA “Tank Storage Agreement” or Terminal Notification “TN” of his rented Shore tank at the Loading port to the seller with the injection permit from our recommended tank we have been working with so very long time Orloskaya Tank Farm and they work professional.
5. Seller verifies Buyer Tank Farm details and issues, – DTA (Dip Test Authorization) – Fuel Injection Report of Transnefte – Tank Receipt – SGS Report of the Product.

6. NCNDA is signed and endorsed by all parties involved.

7. Upon confirmation of act of transfer in Buyer’s name, Seller issues to the Buyer, Title of Ownership Certificate (to be followed by all export documentation)

8. Buyer conduct Dip Test and Lifting commence and Buyer release payment by MT103/TT wire transfer to the Seller as per account details mentioned in the Commercial Invoice.

9. Seller pays commissions to Seller side and Buyer to Buyer side intermediaries via MT103.

Yassine ahmad
Managing Director
Globell Recsources

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