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Agriculture business: how to make money in agriculture.Ways to make money in agriculture. Find and list agriculture business opportunities at

Agribusiness: How To Make Money In Agribusiness

Agriculture Business: How To Make Money In Agriculture







Making money in agriculture industry requires having the right information. It begins with having agriculture business ideas thereafter capitalizing on such ideas. Agricultural business money making opportunities are much if you know which aspect of agriculture to invest in.

Every new or existing business  deals with offering products or services. It involves investment of resources in making money for any product or service offered to customers hence the purpose for doing business as a business man or business woman is solely to maximize profit. Profit in business terms is the reward for entrepreneurship. All business sectors are capable of generating revenue so long good business ideas, good business management plans, business plan execution and business performance assessment and evaluation are in place. One of the sectors that can guarantee sustainable return on investment in terms of investment in businesses is agriculture. This is because agriculture business also called agribusiness is more or less known to be the main economic backbone of some countries. Making money in agriculture involves offering agriculture products which can be of plant origin- plant production or animal origin- animal production otherwise called animal husbandry or livestock farming. Plant production involves crop production such as production of food crops and cash crops, forest products from forestry otherwise called silviculture and horticulture that deals with flowers and the likes. Animal husbandry involves hydroponics like raising aquatics and fishery, poultry, dairy, and pets. The Importance of agriculture cannot be overemphasized since agriculture is a source of raw materials for industries, source of food, source of medicines or drugs, source of economic empowerment in terms of job creation and poverty reduction if done very well. Moreover, agriculture machinery, agriculture equipment, agriculture jobs and agriculture services ranging from setting up agriculture blog to agriculture training are also there to capitalize on as areas of business opportunities in agriculture. There are numerous opportunities in agriculture such that agriculture business opportunities are available as agriculture investment opportunities to individuals, businesses and government that really want to generate revenue directly or indirectly through agriculture.  Do you want to know how to make money in agriculture industry? Are you interested in knowing some of the ways to make money in agriculture sector? What about how to make money  in agro-allied industry? If your answer is yes, then this article shall expose you to some of the possible ways to make money in agriculture by doing agriculture business from these agriculture business ideas we shall highlight by this article. Some of these agricultural business ideas are capital intensive while some of them requires little capital or no capital at all. Besides, some require high experience, little experience or no experience in agriculture. It should be noted that there is difference between agriculture and farming. While farming is only an aspect of agriculture however agriculture is all encompassing.

Agriculture plays a significant role in virtually all countries that is why the government that recognizes the importance of agriculture do all they can to subsidize seedlings, agriculture chemicals  like fertilizers and farming implements and farming machinery for farmers. Some government also encourage their citizens to engage in agriculture entrepreneurship for plant production and plant products and animal production and animal products.

It is indisputable to note that there is always a ready market for agriculture produce through  agriculture products marketing and agriculture services marketing in  agriculture trade via an agriculture marketplace. There are agriculture researches by agriculture researchers through agriculture research institutes for ways to improve agriculture either with regards to improving agriculture conditions, agriculture products, agriculture equipment and machinery and even agriculture services to help position the agriculture industry for productivity and profitability with a focus in attaining sustainable agriculture .

Based on the sectors being targeted by classify24 with interest and quest for economic diversification for a sustainable economy you can  make money in agriculture through agricultural business ideas, make money in oil and gas and make money in petrochemical through oil and gas business ideas and petrochemical business ideas,  make money in mining or make money in mineral through mining business ideas or mineral business ideas, make money in metal through metal business ideas, make money in alloy through alloy business ideas, make money in energy through energy business ideas or make money in power through power business ideas .

Agriculture Money Making Business Ideas In Agriculture Industry

In order to make money in agriculture using agriculture business ideas we shall on this context focus on plant production, animal production, agriculture chemicals, agriculture equipment and machinery, agriculture products processing, agriculture trade and agriculture marketing, agriculture services and agriculture jobs  and agro-allied products as well as agro-allied services.


  1. How To Make Money In Agriculture Through Plant Production Business Ideas

Plant production involves food crops production and cash crops production as well as horticulture and forest products of plant origin. Anyone can make money in agriculture by practicing tomatoes farming, pepper farming, vegetable farming (such as growing cabbage, pumpkin, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, cucumber, etc. Vegetables being perishable crops hence they need to be sold as soon as possible after harvest to prevent loss), grains farming (typical grains that can be grown includes but not limited to cereals farming like rice farming, maize farming, beans farming, millet farming, wheat farming, oat farming, barely farming, soybeans farming, mustard seeds, sunflower seeds, etc. Most times food processing companies use them for flour production, malt drinks and beer, etc. With proper preservation, grains can last longer), groundnut farming (groundnut is a cash crop from which groundnut oil and other products are obtained and so there is high demand for groundnut and products obtained from groundnut), potatoes farming (sweet potatoes farming and Irish potatoes farming), fruits farming (some fruits that are in high demand for consumption directly or can be processed as fruit drinks and fruit juices are pineapples, oranges, apples, pawpaw,  mangoes, cashew, guavas, cherry, etc. Fruits are good sources of vitamins and minerals), cassava farming (cassava is now in high demand in some countries for local consumption or export in countries that need them for various uses. It can be processed into chips and flours used in bread making and other flour products), plantain farming (there is ready market for plantain hence plantain plantation is one profitable agriculture business to consider starting), yam farming (there is a large market for yams hence you can consider going into yam cultivation for local sale or export), cotton farming (cotton is a cash crop gotten from cotton plant and it is used in textile industry for clothe making and making cotton wool which is gotten from cotton plant and sheep. There is high market demand for cotton and cotton wool for local sale or export), rubber farming (rubbers are used in producing containers, bags and some mechanical and electrical components hence there is a large market demand for rubber which makes rubber plantation one viable and profitable agriculture business to venture into if you are to make money in agriculture), oil farming or palm farming (which can be palm tree plantation or palm fruit plantation. Due to variety of uses of palm trees and uses of palm fruits such as in palm oil production or oil palm production, body creams, palm wines, chemicals, soaps, craft works, brooms and what have you, these days makes palm fruit plantation of economic importance locally and internationally. Investment in palm fruit plantation can be a good source of revenue on a long run for existing and potential investors that know its importance), tea farming, coffee farming, tobacco farming, plantain farming or plantain plantation, banana farming or banana plantation, sugarcane farming or sugar cane plantation, mushroom farming (because mushrooms are rich in proteins, minerals and  vitamins. It should be noted that there are edible mushrooms as well as the poisonous mushrooms that are not edible), bamboo farming since bamboos are used in construction industry as building materials, making furniture, making paper, used for decorations, chop sticks as well as being medicinal, to mention but a few), herbs farming, flower farming, cocoa farming or cocoa plantation (for beverage, chocolate, creams, and what have you), marijuana farming if permitted by laws of your country, carrot farming, and other agricultural products of plant origin which have a high local and international market demand.


  1. How To Make Money In Agriculture Through Animal Husbandry Business Ideas or Livestock Breeding Business Ideas

         To make money in agriculture through animal production business ideas you can consider cattle rearing (which includes cows, ox, bulls, bullocks, heifers, donkeys, camels, c since these animals are sources of meat, skin, hide, milk, manure and what have you), grass cutter farming, pig farming, fish farming, goat rearing, sheep rearing, rabbit farming, snail farming, pet breeding (dog breeding, parrot breeding, and what have you), poultry farming for various birds (chickens, ducks, turkeys, guinea fowls and others) and poultry products like eggs and what have you, bees farming for honey, worm farming,


  1. How To Make Money In Agriculture Through Agriculture Equipment and Machinery Business Ideas

If you have a good capital base, you can start manufacturing agriculture equipment and machinery for sale or leasing agriculture equipment and machinery or agriculture equipment and machinery rental. If however you cannot manufacture then you can consider buying agricultural equipment and machinery locally or importing agriculture machinery and equipment for sale locally or exporting agriculture equipment and machinery.


  1. How To Make Money In Agriculture Through Agro – Allied Products Business Ideas and Agro-Allied Services Business Ideas

Under agro-allied products includes agriculture chemical manufacturing companies which are into manufacturing of fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and liming agents. Manufacturing of air fresheners and perfumes. Typical agro allied service includes fumigation services.


  1. How To Make Money In Agriculture Through Agriculture Products Processing Business Ideas

The processing of agriculture products is one way to make money in agriculture. The various agriculture products such as those of plants and animal origin can be processed for local sale or export.


  1. How To Make Money In Agriculture Through Agriculture Services Business Ideas.

The agriculture industry is full of many services with which one can make money. Making money in agriculture by offering agriculture services can be done both online and offline.  Money can be made through agricultural services such as agriculture consultancy service, agriculture education service and agriculture training service, agriculture brokerage service as an agriculture broker, agriculture product sourcing agency service as an agriculture product sourcing agent, agriculture financing, agriculture insurance, agriculture marketing service which may include agriculture marketing research service, veterinary service, pet service, agriculture job recruitment service, agriculture equipment and machinery repair and maintenance service, agriculture real estate, agriculture transport service, agriculture blogging and others too numerous to mention.


So far, this article is more or less an eye-opener with regard to how to make money doing agricultural business through agriculture products of plants and animals origin, agriculture product processing, agriculture services, agro allied services, agro allied products, agriculture equipment and machinery sale or rent, agriculture real estate and others so long you are able to get engaged in agriculture investment by investing in some of these agriculture business opportunities.


Classify24 apart from providing the platform for offers in these sectors also offers the classify24 premium services which you can read here.

Are you interested in doing agriculture business or investing in agriculture? If yes, then consider these opportunities in the agriculture industry. Classify24 is an agriculture classifieds, agriculture b2b marketplace and agriculture business directory to find and list agriculture agriculture products, agriculture equipment, agriculture machinery, agriculture jobs, agriculture services and agriculture business ideas for agriculture business opportunities or agriculture investment opportunities. Submit agriculture business opportunities here.

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