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Agriculture services or agricultural services are services that exist in agricultural industry or agricultural sector. Find  and list agricultural services.

Agriculture Service or Agricultural Service: Agriculture Services or Agricultural Services

Agricultural Services or Agriculture Services







Agriculture Service or Agricultural  Service: Agriculture Services or Agricultural Services

Agriculture services or agricultural services are those services that exist in the agricultural industry. The agriculture industry comprises of agricultural products such as agricultural produce (those of plant and animal origin), agricultural equipment and machinery, agrochemicals, agricultural jobs and agricultural services.  In this article we shall focus on agricultural services. Agriculture services or agricultural services are numerous within the agriculture sector so also are there different levels and areas of specializations.

Classification of Agricultural Services

Agricultural services can be classified into the following.

  1. Academic-based agricultural services: These are agricultural services acquired from formal learning institutions like schools. It is purely academic knowledge comprising of more theoretical than practical in some instances.
  2. Nonacademic  agricultural Services: These can be referred to as skill-based agricultural services or vocational agricultural services.

Nonacademic or  skill-based agricultural services can be sub classified into the following.

i. Skilled agricultural services: These are agriculture services that are skilled in nature. The level of skill can range from highly skilled to  being poorly skilled.

ii. Semi-skilled agricultural services: These are agricultural services that fall within skilled agriculture services and unskilled agriculture services.

iii. Unskilled agricultural services or manual agricultural services: These are agricultural services that are neither skilled nor semi-skilled in nature. It is more or less manual in nature.

 Types of Agricultural Services

There are different types of agricultural services. Some of the agricultural services includes but not limited to the following.

  1. Agricultural Research: This involves providing services in the form of academic-based research which are published in agricultural journals. These type of research services either find solutions to some problems facing agricultural industry or invent or innovate products and services that will be beneficial to the agricultural sector. It can also include agricultural marketing research as well as agricultural market research.
  1. Agricultural Marketing: This is a type of agricultural service that is focused on marketing agricultural products or marketing products that are useful to the agricultural industry. It can be agriculture produce marketing (plant marketing and animal marketing), agricultural equipment and machinery marketing, agriculture chemical marketing, and other agricultural services marketing.
  1. Agriculture Business Plan: This is an agricultural service that focuses on agricultural business plan writing as a service. The importance of business plan for any business cannot be overemphasized hence there are some people who are specialized in writing agriculture business plan. To avoiding competition and increase market share, agriculture business plan writing service is one of niches within business plan writing service.
  1. Agricultural Consultancy by Agricultural Consultants: This is a type of agricultural service that offers consultancy services for agriculture. Agricultural consultancy services varies. It can be consultancy for agricultural products or agricultural services.
  1. Fumigation and Pest Control: This is an agricultural service that offers fumigation services and pest control services.
  1. Agricultural Sourcing as Agricultural Sourcing Agents: This is a type of agricultural service that involves sourcing agricultural products and agricultural services for those that need them. It is mainly carried out by individuals or agencies that offer agricultural sourcing services either as agricultural product sourcing agents or agricultural services sourcing agents as individuals or through agricultural sourcing agencies. Agricultural sourcing agents are instrumental for buyers and exporters looking for agricultural products and services.
  1. Agricultural Sales Representative or Agricultural Sales Agent: This is an agricultural service which involves offering agricultural services through agriculture sales representative (agriculture sales rep) or agriculture sales agent or better still agricultural sales agency.  This can be agricultural product sales representative, agricultural equipment and machinery sales representative, agriculture chemical sales representative and agricultural services sales representative or agricultural service sales representative. Agricultural sales representative services are more of agricultural purchasing services or better still agricultural procurement services. Agricultural sales reps are necessary part of a sales force of businesses or serving the agricultural industry especially those seeking expansion outside their territories.
  1. Agricultural Broker or Agricultural Brokerage: This is a type of agriculture service that involves connecting buyers and sellers of agricultural products and services for which commission is offered to the broker for every successful deal. Thus, it can be agriculture product broker, agriculture equipment and machinery broker, agriculture chemical broker and agriculture service broker. Agricultural brokerage service is a niche within brokerage service.
  1. Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Repair and Maintenance: This is a type of agricultural service that deals with the repair and maintenance of equipment and machinery used in agriculture. By fixing and maintaining these agricultural machinery and equipment, there is bound to be continuous production of agricultural products. It is normally mechanical engineers that provide this type of agriculture service.
  1. Veterinary: This is a type of agriculture service offered by veterinary doctors. They ensure that animals are well taken care of to prevent animal diseases or treating the ones that are infected. They treat domestic animals as well as farm animals. They also recommend food and supplements for animals.
  1. Pet Care: This is a type of agricultural services offered by pet care service providers for pets. There service includes pet boarding, pet walking, pet sitting, pet feeding, etc.

N.B: Veterinary and pet care are essential parts of animal care services.

  1. Agricultural Financing: This is agricultural service that deals with financing agricultural businesses, agricultural projects or agricultural causes. This can be in the form of agricultural loans, agricultural grants, agricultural angel investment, agricultural venture capitalism. Thus agriculture financing is a niche within financing  industry.
  1. Agricultural Insurance or Agricultural Risk Management: This agricultural service focus on insurance for agricultural businesses since they are focused on risk management for agricultural businesses. Without doubt, agriculture insurance is a niche within insurance industry.
  1. Agricultural Online Marketplace: This is an agricultural service that focuses on connecting agricultural buyers, agricultural sellers, agricultural exporters, agricultural importers and agricultural businesses for exchange of goods and services. The ones that don’t handle payments recommend use of escrow service. Classify24 is a fast growing agricultural online marketplace.
  1. Farm management: This is agricultural service that offers farm management services. Farm management can be plant management (crop management) or animal management services. Farm managers use their expertise in ensuring the smooth operation of farm business.
  1. Agricultural Transport: This is a type of agricultural service that provides transport services for agriculturists and their products. It can be road transport (e.g trucks), rail transport (transportation by trains via railways), air transport (e.g cargo planes), water transport (e.g canoes, boats or ships) for agricultural industry.
  1. Water Delivery: This is a type of agriculture service that includes irrigation system installation, well drilling, etc. Their service is to ensure that water is available for agricultural business.
  1. Manual Labour: This is agricultural service that requires the use of manual labourers in agribusiness. Although there are now availability of modern agricultural equipment and machinery there is also need for manual labour.
  1. Agricultural Education: This is a type of agricultural service that provides agricultural education either through online or offline platforms. It includes agricultural institution, agricultural training or agricultural seminars.
  1. Agricultural Expo or Agricultural Event: This is a type of agricultural service that focuses on promoting agricultural exhibition as agricultural trade shows or agricultural conferences for agricultural networking opportunities.
  1. Agricultural Blogging: This is a type of agricultural service that involves blogging about agriculture.
  1. Agricultural Publishing: This is a type of agricultural service that deals with publishing agricultural journals, agricultural news or agricultural magazines.

23. Agricultural Job Recruitment: This is a type of agricultural service that deals with connecting agricultural job seekers with agricultural employers. While employers can employ directly however there are some instances they outsource the hiring of candidates for job vacancies to recruitment agencies.

Summarily, there are different types of services within the agricultural industry.  Agricultural services are very important for the survival of agricultural activities. Some of these services are based on academic while others are purely skill-based in nature. Some of the services includes agricultural blogging, agricultural business plan, agricultural brokerage, agricultural financing, agricultural insurance, agricultural marketing, agricultural research, agricultural expo, agricultural equipment and machinery repair and maintenance, agricultural online marketplace, animal care, agricultural transport, agricultural job recruitment,  etc.

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