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Buy and sell scraps. Import and export scraps. Scrap trade. Buy scraps, import scraps and find scraps for sale at affordable prices. Find scrap sellers, scrap buyers, scrap importers, scrap importers or scrap dealers.

Buy and sell scraps, import and export scraps, scrap trade, buy scraps, import scraps

What are Scraps?

Scraps are materials which can be recycled. They are old, used or leftover materials gotten from manufactured products. Scraps are used in making new products through a process called recycling.

Importance of Recycling Scraps

Some of the importance of scrap recycling are as follows. 

1. Recycling scraps is a source of income for scrappers i.e people make money by recycling scraps. 
2. Recycling scraps help reduce unemployment because it helps create jobs. 
3. Scrap recycling is a viable source of raw materials for producing various finished products with less energy instead of using virgin raw materials.
4. Recycling of scraps help Keep our environment clean and safe.
5. Recycling scraps help preserve and conserve natural resources.
6. Scraps recycling saves time, money and cost of production for manufacturers who use the scraps for making new products.

The terms scraps, scrap metals and metal scraps are sometimes used interchangeably. However, scraps can be quite broad. Regardless of whether the terms scraps, scrap metals or metal scraps are used, it is important to state here that scraps have monetary values unlike wastes.

Types of Scrap Recycling

Some types of scrap recycling are:

1. Metal scrap recycling: This is the recycling of metals i.e recycling of ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. 
2. Electronic scrap recycling: This is the recycling of electronics and electrical appliances.
3. Rubber scrap recycling: This is the recycling of rubber materials.
4. Plastic scrap recycling: This is the recycling of plastic materials.
5. Paper scrap recycling: This is the recycling of paper materials.
6. Textile scrap recycling: This is the recycling of textile materials.

Scrap Sellers, Scrap Buyers, Scrap Exporters, Scrap Importers

We connect buyers of scraps with sellers of scraps or importers of scraps with exporters of scraps as scrap marketers, scrap sales agents, scrap sourcing agents and scrap brokers providing scrap brokerage services. 

Buying and Selling Scraps: Importing and Exporting Scraps

We make buying scraps, selling scraps, importing scraps and exporting scraps possible for scrap traders or those into scrap trading. In order to trade scraps, you should thoroughly know what trading scraps entails.
It is expected of scrap businesses involved in scrap exports and scrap imports to have indepth knowledge of scrap exportation and scrap importation.

One of the reasons of having sound knowledge about how importing and exporting scraps work is because different countries have different requirements for the export of scraps or import of scraps. Knowing these requirements and adhering to them makes scrap import and export business worthwhile.

To find a buyer of scraps, seller of scraps, exporter of scraps or importer of scraps can be difficult most times. As a result, our metal scrap service exists to simplify sourcing scraps, selling scraps and buying scraps locally or internationally. 

Scraps can be exported. Also, scraps can be imported. However, it is important to note that some countries prohibit exporting scraps or importing scraps. These countries place scraps on the export prohibition list or import prohibition list. In as much as they welcome scrap recycling, they only want individuals and scrap recycling companies to do so locally. In other words, they permit the local sourcing of scraps, buying of scraps and selling of scraps locally. This is not the case for countries that do not prohibit the export of scraps and import of scraps. 

Types of Scraps

There are different types of scraps some of which are as follows. 

1. Metal Scraps: There are two types of metal scraps which are ferrous metal scraps and non-ferrous metal scraps.
2. Plastic scraps: These are scraps from plastic materials. Polythene bags, PET bottles, etc fall under this category of scraps. PET bottles are plastic bottles. PET means Polyethylene Terephthalate. PET bottles are commonly used in packaging drinks(drink bottles) and water(water bottles). Examples of PET bottles are malt plastic bottles, coke plastic bottles, fanta plastic bottles, pepsi plastic bottles, plastic water bottles, etc.
3. E-Scraps: E-scraps are also called e-wastes. These are scraps gotten from electronics and electrical materials.
4. Glass scraps: These are glass-related scraps such as bottles.
5. Waste papers

Sources of Scraps

Scraps are gotten from different sources and different sectors. Generally, scraps can be gotten from homes, places of business, renovation and construction sites, auto repair outlets or industries that make use of heavy equipment and machinery. 

Therefore, we can say that we have automotive scraps, aviation scraps, marine scraps, agricultural scraps, construction scraps, oil and gas scraps, heavy equipment and machinery scraps, etc. 
Simply put, scraps includes the following.

1. Vehicle scraps
2. Rail scraps
2. Airplane scraps 
3. Ship scraps and scrap vessels
4. Equipment scraps
5. Machine scraps
6. Tool scraps
7. Electronic scraps: These fall under the category of e-scraps. In fact, they are electrical scraps. 

Types of Scrap Metals

There are two types of scrap metals which are as follows.

1. Ferrous Scrap Metals: These are scraps of ferrous metals. Ferrous metal scraps contain Iron hence are attracted by magnets e.g Iron scrap, steel scrap, etc. 

2. Non-ferrous Scrap Metals: These are scraps of non-ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metal scraps do not contain Iron hence have no magnetic attraction e.g Copper scrap, Aluminum scrap, etc.

Buy and  Sell Scrap Metals: Import and Export Scrap Metals

You can sell scrap metals, buy scrap metals, export scrap metals, import scrap metals or find scrap metals for sale at affordable price. You can find scrap metal sellers, scrap metal buyers, scrap metal exporters, scrap metal importers or scrap metal dealers.

Buy and Sell Metal Scraps: Import and Export Metal Scraps

Scrap metals are also called metal scraps. Thus, you can sell metal scraps, buy metal scraps, export metal scraps, import metal scraps or find metal scraps for sale at affordable prices. We can help you find and connect you with metal scrap sellers, metal scrap buyers, metal scrap exporters, metal scrap importers or scrap metal dealers. 

Price of Scraps

Scrap prices vary hence the price of scraps fluctuate. In fact, scrap pricing depends on the types of scraps, quantity of scraps, the quality of scraps and the location of scraps. 

The forces of demand and supply also affect the price of scraps.The prices of scrap rise when there is high demand for scraps but low supply of scraps. On the other hand, the price of scrap falls when there is high supply of scraps but low demand for scraps. 

Therefore, the price of scraps are negotiable between scrap buyers, scrap sellers or indirectly through facilitators of scrap trade. 

Scrap Advertising(Advertising Scraps)

Here at classify24, we offer you the opportunity to advertise scraps for sale, request for scraps wanted and scrap recycling businesses. This you can do by choosing an advertising plan for directly advertising scraps for sale offers, scraps wanted offers and scrap recycling business.

Classify24 Facilitates Scrap Trade as Scrap Trade Facilitators

Classify24 provides scrap trade facilitation as scrap trade facilitators. Thus, classify24 facilitate scrap trade through the following.

1. Scrap marketing: Advertising, promotion and marketing of scraps. 
2. Scrap sales: Sales of scraps.
3. Scrap sourcing: Sourcing of scraps.
4. Scrap brokerage: Brokerage of scrap trade.

We leverage on our marketplace, classifieds and businesses directory for the scrap sector as well as act as one or all of the following through our network of:

1. Scrap marketers: Marketers of scraps.
2. Scrap sales representatives: Sales representatives for scraps.
3. Scrap sales agents: Sales agents for scraps. 
4. Scrap sourcing agents: Sourcing agents for scraps. 
5. Scrap brokers: Brokers of scrap trade. 

Thus, our scrap trade facilitation enables us connect key players within the scrap industry such as:

1. Scrap buyers, scrap sellers, scrap suppliers and scrap dealers for local scrap trade. 
2. Scrap exporters and scrap importers for international scrap trade.

Therefore, you can make us your:
(1) Scrap buyer mandate: We will act as your scrap sourcing agents and scrap brokers. As your scrap sourcing agent and scrap broker, we will prioritize sourcing scraps for you and connecting you with scrap sellers, scrap suppliers, scrap exporters and scrap dealers.

(2) Scrap seller mandate: We will act as your scrap sales agents/representative and scrap brokers. As your scrap sales agent/rep and scrap broker, we will prioritize sourcing for scrap buyers and scrap importers for you and connect them with you.

Note: This is an on-demand scrap trade facilitation service for local and international scrap buyers and scrap sellers to complement our scrap advertising service. Contact us for negotiation if you want us to be your scrap buyer mandate or scrap seller mandate. More so, if you want to buy scraps or import scraps, you can send us an official letter of intent(loi) or state the following.

1. Type and specifications of the scraps you want to buy or import.

2. Quantity of scraps you want to buy or import.

3. Location or destination you want the scraps delivered.

4. Target price for scraps you want to buy or import if possible.

5. Terms of payment for scraps you want to buy or import.

Buy and Sell Scraps Online

You can now locally and internationally buy and sell scraps or find scraps for sale, scrap sellers, scrap buyers, scrap suppliers, scrap dealers, scrap importers and scrap exporters on Classify24 scrap marketplace.

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