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Buy cashew nuts. Cashew nuts for sale. Import cashew nuts from cashew nut sellers, cashew nut exporters and cashew nut suppliers at affordable price. 

Buy cashew nuts, cashew nuts for sale, import cashew nuts

We have quality raw cashew nuts for sale. Buy quality raw cashew nuts or import raw cashew nuts from us. We sell raw cashew nuts, export raw cashew nuts and supply raw cashew nuts to cashew nut buyers, cashew nut importers as well as those in need of cashew nut suppliers for cashew nut supplies. Our affordable cashew nuts are of high quality. 

Our cashew nuts are sun-dried raw cashew nuts in shell. Want to buy sun-dried cashew nuts? We have sun-dried raw cashew nuts for sale. Thus, you can buy sun-dried raw cashew nuts in shell from us.  

Being that we are cashew nut sellers, we sell cashew nuts to cashew nut buyers. We have been in the business of selling cashew nuts to those buying cashew nuts. Thus, we combine local sales of cashew nuts with international sales of cashew nuts. As cashew nut exporters, we export cashew nuts to cashew nut importers. We have been exporting cashew nuts to those importing cashew nuts in different countries.

Moreover, our experience in cashew nuts exportation business has enabled us meet the needs of cashew nut importation businesses. We are into exportation of cashew nuts so that those who are into or want to go into  importation of cashew nuts can have access to cashew nuts. Besides, our cashew nuts available for sale are of high quality and very affordable. You can always count as on us for quality and affordable cashew nut supplies. 

Are you a cashew nut buyer or cashew nut importer looking for a cashew nut seller, cashew nut exporter or cashew nut supplier? We can meet your cashew nut supply needs. 

We are sellers of cashew nuts, exporters of cashew nuts and suppliers of cashew nuts. Therefore, we sell cashew nuts to buyers of cashew nuts, importers of cashew nuts or those who need suppliers of cashew nuts. We can meet the cashew nut supply needs of cashew nut buyers in America, Europe, Asia, etc. Thus, cashew nut buyers in USA, UK, China, etc who want to purchase cashew nuts can purchase quality cashew nuts from us at affordable prices.

Since we are aware of the international price of cashew nuts, we offer competive and affordable cashew nut prices which are in line with international cashew nut market price or even for less without compromising the quality of our cashew nuts. 

What are Cashew Nuts?

Cashew is also known as Anacardium occidentale. It is classified as a nut in culinary but a seed botanically. Cashew nuts are obtained from the cashew  Although cashew is indigenous to Brazil but it is now being cultivated in other countries with favourable climate for its cultivation. Some of the countries where cashew is cultivated are Nigeria, India, Vietnam and Brazil. 

Cashew nuts are sources of carbohydrate, fat, protein and contain high amount of vitamins and minerals which are required for the normal functioning of the body. 

Uses of Cashew Nuts

Some of the uses of cashew nuts are as follows. 

1. Cashew nuts are used for cooking especially in some Asian countries.
2. Roasted cashew nuts are edible.
3. Cashew kernels which are obtained from cashew nuts are used in confectionery and bakeries. 
4. Cashew kernel shell liquid obtained from cashew are used in different industries such as in making of drugs, antioxidants, fungicides, lubricants, plastic materials,  etc. 
5. Cashew nut oil obtained from cashew nuts are used in making beauty products for skin and hair.
6. Cashew nuts are used in making cashew butter just like “shea butter” which is made from shea nuts. 

Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts

Some of the health benefits of cashew nuts are as follows.

1. They contain high amount of vitamins and minerals which are good for our health. 
2. Cashew nuts contribute to healthy gums and teeth. 
3. They help women who undergoing menopause to sleep very well. 
4. The cashew nuts reduce free radicals which affect our health negatively. 
5. Cashew nuts enhance vision. 
6. They help reduce weight gain hence good for weight loss. 
7. Cashew nuts have antioxidant properties which are essential for health. 
8. Cashew nuts aid digestion.
9. They prevent the development of gallstones. 
10. Cashew nuts are essential for proper formation of melanin which help our skin and hair attain, retain and maintain their real colour.
11. They help attain and maintain healthy bones. 
12. Cashew nuts help our nerves remain healthy and function well. 
13. They help prevent cancer.
14. Cashew nuts help prevent occurrence of heart diseases. 
15. They reduce high blood pressure.

Buying Cashew Nuts, Importing Cashew Nuts

We are open to selling cashew nuts, supplying cashew nuts and exporting cashew nuts to those buying cashew nuts or importing cashew nuts.

Our Cashew Nut Specifications

Product name: Sun dried raw cashew nuts in shell

Origin: Nigeria

Scientific name: Anacardium occidentale

Nut count: 180 — 200 per kg

Out turn: 42lbs — 52lbs per bag

Moisture: 8% Max

Foreign matter: 1% Max

Immature nuts/coloured: 1% Max

Admixture: 2% Max

Black spotted nuts: 2.09% Max

Insect damaged: 0.49% Max

Rancid nuts: 1.53% Max

Extraneous matter: 0.06% Max

Packaging: 80kg per jute bag

Note: Apart from raw cashew nuts, we sell cashew kernels, supply cashew kernels and export cashew kernels which are called processed cashew kernels or processed cashew nuts. You can contact us if you want to buy processed cashew kernels or import processed cashew kernels of different grades.

We are processed cashew kernel sellers, processed cashew kernel suppliers and processed cashew kernel exporters. If peradventure we don’t have any available, we will let you know if we can source cashew kernels for you or not when you can contact us.

Price of Cashew Nut(Cashew Nut Price)

Our price of cashew nuts varies hence negotiable. The price of our cashew nuts are affordable. Because we are aware of the international market price of cashew nuts makes us offer competitive prices or even for less.

Quantity of Cashew Nuts We Can Supply

The quantity of cashew nuts we can supply varies. We are committed to meet your cashew nuts buying requirements. In fact, our cashew nut supply ability is 55,000 metric tonnes per season.

Cashew Nuts Packaging(Packaging Cashew Nuts)

The packaging of our cashew nut is in 80Kg per jute bag.

Cashew Nut Payment Terms

The terms of payment for our cashew nuts are negotiable.

Cashew Nut Shipping Terms or Delivery Terms

The shipping terms of our cashew nuts as well as terms of delivery of our cashew nuts are negotiable.

Cashew Nut Delivery Time

The time of delivery of our cashew nuts depend on the destination of delivery as well as the carrier. We do all we can to ensure prompt delivery when you order cashew nuts from us. Thus, we make provision for your cashew nut delivery as soon as the transaction terms are fulfilled.

Buy Cashew Nuts Online

Buy cashew nuts from cashew nut sellers, cashew nut exporters and cashew nut suppliers. In order to buy cashew nuts, import cashew nuts and find cashew nuts for sale as a cashew nut buyer or cashew nut importer, just Contact us for your cashew nut supplies. We supply raw cashew nuts that are sun-dried and in shell at affordable price locally and internationally.

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