Fuel Ethanol Wanted by Fuel Ethanol Buyers, Fuel Ethanol Importers -

Fuel ethanol or ethanol fuel wanted for purchase by fuel ethanol buyers, fuel ethanol importers, ethanol fuel buyers or ethanol fuel importers. 
You can sell fuel ethanol, export fuel ethanol, supply fuel ethanol, sell ethanol fuel, export ethanol fuel or supply ethanol fuel to us. 

We buy fuel ethanol and import fuel ethanol because we are fuel ethanol buyers and fuel ethanol importers. You can sell your fuel ethanol and export your fuel ethanol.

Are you selling fuel ethanol, exporting fuel ethanol or supplying fuel ethanol? We are buying fuel ethanol and importing fuel ethanol. We are looking for fuel ethanol manufacturers, fuel ethanol sellers, fuel ethanol suppliers and fuel ethanol exporters who can supply us fuel ethanol at affordable prices.

Being that we are buyers of fuel ethanol and importers of fuel ethanol, we are looking for manufacturers of fuel ethanol, sellers of fuel ethanol, suppliers of fuel ethanol and exporters of fuel ethanol for regular supply of ethanol. 

In fact, we want those who can meet our fuel ethanol supply requirements in terms of the following.

1. Fuel ethanol specifications i.e specifications of ethanol wanted
2. Fuel ethanol quantities i.e quantities of ethanol wanted.
3. Fuel ethanol payment terms i.e payment terms for fuel ethanol
4. Fuel ethanol delivery terms i.e delivery terms for fuel ethanol.

We want to do business with genuine, capable and reliable fuel ethanol producers(producers of fuel ethanol) or sellers of fuel ethanol who can supply quality fuel ethanol as well as affordable fuel ethanol to us.

Fuel Ethanol and Uses of Fuel Ethanol

Ethanol fuel or fuel ethanol is a type of renewable fuel produced from plant materials referred to as biomass. It is also called ethyl alcohol. Fuel ethanol is used as biofuel additives. In fact, fuel ethanol is used as fuel additives. Fuel ethanol is blended into petroleum products like motor fuels. It is used on gasoline.

Fuel Ethanol, Ethanol Fuel Wanted for Supply

The specifications and other details of the fuel ethanol we want to buy or import are as follows.

Appearance: Clean, no sediment and no visible suspended matter.
Ethanol: >92.1% 
Methanol: <0.5% 
Water content: <0.8%
Solvent colloid: <5%
PH value: 6.5-9.0 
Sulphur: <10
Origin: Let us know country of origin.
Quantity: It is contract-based i.e 60,000–80,000mts per month. However, you can let us know your supply ability.
Price: Quote CIF price for destination which is available on request.
Transportation: 30 Days
Delivery time: Within 30 days after receiving LC.
Loading port: Let us know the port of loading.
Trans-shipment: Not allowed.
Destination port: Available on request.
Type of payment: Irrevocable non-transferable DLC at sight.
Performance bond : 2%
Issuing bank: World top 50 ranking bank.
Inspections: Inspected by SGS.
Required documents: Bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing, hygienic license, country of origin, SGS certificate and SGS loading inspection report before shipment assigned by seller.

Ethanol Fuel Wanted by Ethanol Fuel Buyers, Ethanol Fuel Importers

 Ethanol fuel wanted for purchase by ethanol fuel buyers and ethanol fuel importers. We are interested in buying ethanol fuel and importing ethanol fuel from ethanol fuel manufacturers, ethanol fuel exporters, ethanol fuel suppliers, ethanol fuel sellers or ethanol fuel dealers. Are you selling ethanol fuel, exporting ethanol fuel and supplying ethanol fuel? You can sell ethanol fuel, export ethanol fuel and supply ethanol fuel to us. Contact us now while request for offer lasts if you want to sell your ethanol fuel and export your ethanol fuel to an ethanol fuel buyer, ethanol fuel importer, fuel ethanol buyer or fuel ethanol importer. 

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