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Types of Scrap Metal Trade

There are three(3) types of scrap metal trade which are as follows.

1. Local Scrap Metal Trade: This is the local trading of scrap metals. It usually involves selling scrap metals and buying scrap metals at various levels within a country. Local metal scrap trade is a trade between local scrap metal sellers and scrap metal buyers. Examples of local scrap metal trade are Nigeria scrap metal trade, South Africa scrap metal trade, Egypt scrap metal trade, Kenya scrap metal trade, Ghana scrap metal trade, etc. 
Thus, you can buy and sell scrap metals via local scrap metal marketplaces such as Nigeria scrap metal marketplace, South Africa scrap metal marketplace, Egypt scrap metal marketplace, Kenya scrap metal marketplace, Ghana scrap metal marketplace, etc. 
2. Regional Scrap Metal Trade(Intercontinental Scrap Metal Trade): This is buying and selling scrap metals within a region or continent. Here, scrap metal sellers and scrap metal buyers or scrap metal exporters and scrap metal importers focus on intercontinental trade within a particular continent. Examples of this type of scrap metal trade are Africa scrap metal trade, North America scrap metal trade, South America scrap metal trade,  Europe scrap metal trade, Asia scrap metal trade, Oceania scrap metal trade or Australia scrap metal trade. 

Trading scrap metals regionally can be done through regional scrap metal marketplaces such as Africa scrap metal marketplace, North America scrap metal marketplace, South America scrap metal marketplace, Europe scrap metal marketplace, Asia scrap metal marketplace and Oceania scrap metal marketplace or Australia scrap metal marketplace.
3. International Scrap Metal Trade: This is the international trading of scrap metals. It involves exporting scrap metals or importing scrap metals from one country to another country. International metal scrap trade is a trade between scrap metal exporters and scrap metal importers at international level. This is scrap trade that cuts across different countries and continents. Thus, can be referred to as world scrap trade or global scrap trade. This leverages on international scrap marketplace which is otherwise called world scrap metal marketplace or global scrap metal marketplace.

Different types of scrap metals can be bought and sold locally, regionally or internationally. They can either be ferrous metal scraps or non-ferrous metal scraps. 

Locally, you can buy and sell ferrous metal scraps from ferrous metal scrap sellers and ferrous metal scrap buyers. You can equally buy and sell non-ferrous metal scraps from non-ferrous metal scrap sellers and non-ferrous metal scrap buyers. The same can be done at the regional level.

At the international level, you can import ferrous metal scraps and export ferrous metal scraps as ferrous metal scrap importers and ferrous metal scrap exporters. More so, you can export non-ferrous metal scraps and import non-ferrous metal scraps as non-ferrous metal scrap exporters and non-ferrous metal scrap importers.

Scrap metals can be sourced from homes and different industries. Some of these scrap metals are automotive scraps, aircraft scraps,  watercraft scraps, rail scraps,  heavy equipment and machinery scraps, etc. 

Automotive scraps are scraps of vehicles, tricycles, motorcycles. Automotive scraps includes automotive batteries such as lead/acid batteries, nickel content batteries, etc. Other automobile scraps are radiators. 

Aircraft scraps are scraps of airplanes. Parts of aircrafts are recycled in making new aircrafts or other products.

Watercraft scraps are scraps of ships and vessels. The scrapping of ships can be referred to as ship breaking, ship demolition, ship dismantling, ship cracking, ship recycling and ship disposal. Ship breaking is normally done to source for parts of ships which are sold for re-use or recycled as raw materials for making new ships or other products.

Rail scraps are scraps of trains and scraps of railroads. They are referred to as used rails or old rails.

Equipment and machinery scraps are scraps of different equipment and machinery used in industries such as agriculture, oil and gas, mining, etc. 

Buy and Sell Electronic Scraps: Import and Export Electronic Scraps.

Components of electronics, electrical gadgets and appliances contain different types of metals which can be recycled. As a result, scrap can be obtained from them. 

You can sell electronic scraps, buy electronic scraps, export electronic scraps and import electronic scraps or find electronic scraps for sale. We connect you with electronic scrap sellers, electromic scrap buyers, electronic scrap exporters, electronic scrap importers and electronic scrap dealers. We facilitate electronic scraps trade— selling electronic scraps, buying electronic scraps, exporting electronic scraps or importing electronic scraps. These includes the different types of electronic scraps.

Buy and Sell Copper Scraps: Import and Export Copper Scraps

You can sell copper scraps, buy copper scraps, export copper scraps and import copper scraps or find copper scraps for sale. We connect you with copper scrap sellers, copper scrap buyers, copper scrap exporters, copper scrap importers and copper scrap dealers. We facilitate copper scraps trade— selling copper scraps, buying copper scraps, exporting copper scraps or importing copper scraps. These includes the different types of copper scraps. 

Buy and Sell Aluminum Scraps: Import and Export Aluminum Scraps

You can sell aluminum scraps, buy aluminum scraps, export aluminum scraps and import aluminum scraps or find aluminum scraps for sale. We connect you with aluminum scrap sellers, aluminum scrap buyers, aluminum scrap exporters, aluminum scrap importers and aluminum scrap dealers. We facilitate aluminum scrap trade— selling aluminum scraps, buying aluminum scraps, exporting aluminum scraps or importing aluminum scraps. These include the different types of aluminum scraps.

Buy and Sell Iron Scraps: Import and Export Iron Scraps

You can sell iron scraps, buy iron scraps, export iron scraps and import iron scraps or find iron scraps for sale. We connect you with iron scrap sellers, iron scrap buyers, iron scrap exporters, iron scrap importers and iron scrap dealers. We facilitate iron scrap trade— selling iron scraps, buying iron scraps, exporting iron scraps or importing iron scraps. These includes the different types of iron scraps.

Buy and Sell Steel Scraps: Import and Export Steel Scraps

Sell steel scraps, buy steel scraps, export steel scraps or import steel scraps or find steel scraps for sale. Find steel scrap sellers, steel scrap buyers, steel scrap exporters, steel scrap importers and steel scrap dealers. We facilitate steel scrap trade— selling steel scraps, buying steel scraps, exporting steel scraps or importing steel scraps. This includes the different types of steel scraps. 

Buy and Sell Lead Scraps: Import and Export Lead Scraps

Sell lead scraps, buy lead scraps, export lead scraps or import lead scraps or find lead scraps for sale. Find lead scrap sellers, lead scrap buyers, lead scrap exporters, lead scrap importers and lead scrap dealers. We facilitate lead scrap trade— selling lead scraps, buying lead scraps, exporting lead scraps or importing lead scraps. This includes the different types of lead scraps. 

Buy and Sell Brass Scraps: Import and Export Brass Scraps

You can sell brass scraps, buy brass scraps, export brass scraps and import brass scraps or find brass scraps for sale. We connect you with brass scrap sellers, brass scrap buyers, brass scrap exporters, brass scrap importers and brass scrap dealers. We facilitate brass scraps trade— selling brass scraps, buying brass scraps, exporting brass scraps or importing brass scraps. These includes the different types of brass scraps. 

Buy and Sell Bronze Scraps: Import and Export Bronze Scraps

You can sell bronze scraps, buy bronze scraps, export bronze scraps and import bronze scraps or find bronze scraps for sale. We connect you with bronze scrap sellers, bronze scrap buyers, bronze scrap exporters, bronze scrap importers and bronze scrap dealers. We facilitate bronze scraps trade— selling bronze scraps, buying bronze scraps, exporting bronze scraps or importing bronze scraps. These includes the different types of bronze scraps.

Buy and Sell Zinc Scraps: Import and Export Zinc Scraps

You can sell zinc scraps, buy zinc scraps, export zinc scraps and import zinc scraps or find zinc scraps for sale. We connect you with zinc scrap sellers, zinc scrap buyers, zinc scrap exporters, zinc scrap importers and zinc scrap dealers. We facilitate zinc scraps trade— selling zinc scraps, buying zinc scraps, exporting zinc scraps or importing zinc scraps. These includes the different types of zinc scraps. 

Buy and Sell Magnesium Scraps: Import and Export Magnesium Scraps

You can sell magnesium scraps, buy magnesium scraps, export magnesium scraps and import magnesium scraps or find magnesium scraps for sale. We connect you with magnesium scrap sellers, magnesium scrap buyers, magnesium scrap exporters, magnesium scrap importers and magnesium scrap dealers. We facilitate magnesium scraps trade— selling magnesium scraps, buying magnesium scraps, exporting magnesium scraps or importing magnesium scraps. These includes the different types of magnesium scraps. 

Buy and Sell Tin Scraps: Import and Export Tin Scraps

You can sell tin scraps, buy tin scraps, export tin scraps and import tin scraps or find tin scraps for sale. We connect you with tin scrap sellers, tin scrap buyers, tin scrap exporters, tin scrap importers and tin scrap dealers. We facilitate tin scraps trade— selling tin scraps, buying tin scraps, exporting tin scraps or importing tin scraps. These includes the different types of tin scraps. 

Buy and Sell Titanium Scraps: Import and Export Titanium Scraps

You can sell titanium scraps, buy titanium scraps, export titanium scraps and import titanium scraps or find titanium scraps for sale. We connect you with titanium scrap sellers, titanium scrap buyers, titanium scrap exporters, titanium scrap importers and titanium scrap dealers. We facilitate titanium scraps trade— selling titanium scraps, buying titanium scraps, exporting titanium scraps or importing titanium scraps. These includes the different types of titanium scraps. 

Buy and Sell Tungsten Scraps: Import and Export Tungsten Scraps

You can sell tungsten scraps, buy tungsten scraps, export tungsten scraps and import tungsten scraps or find tungsten scraps for sale. We connect you with tungsten scrap sellers, tungsten scrap buyers, tungsten scrap exporters, tungsten scrap importers and tungsten scrap dealers. We facilitate tungsten scraps trade— selling tungsten scraps, buying tungsten scraps, exporting tungsten scraps or importing tungsten scraps. These includes the different types of tungsten scraps. 

Other Scrap Metals

As far metal scrap trade is concerned, you can buy and sell precious scrap metals such as scrap gold, scrap silver, scrap platinum group, scrap mercury, etc. More so, you can buy and sell exotic scrap metals.

Price of Scrap Metals

Scrap metal prices various but are negotiable between scrap metal buyers, scrap metal sellers and/or scrap metal trade facilitators.

Classify24 Facilitate Scrap Metal Trade as Scrap Metal Trade Facilitators

Classify24 scrap metal marketplace facilitates scrap metal trade by connecting scrap metal buyers and scrap metal sellers locally and internationally. We do this as scrap metal marketers, scrap metal sales agents, scrap metal sourcing agents and scrap metal trade brokers. Our scrap metal marketplace and scrap metal trade facilitation helps make scrap metal deals happen. 

You can either choose an advertising plan to advertise your scrap metals for sale or request for scrap metals you want to buy. Besides, you can make us your scrap metal seller mandate or scrap metal buyer mandate. As your metal scrap seller mandate, we will prioritize sourcing for and connecting you with metal scrap buyers or metal scrap importers. More so, as your metal scrap buyer mandate, we will prioritize sourcing and connecting you with metal scrap sellers or metal scrap exporters.

Do you want to buy scrap metals or import scrap metals? On contacting us, send us an official letter of intent(loi) or state the following.

1. Type and specifications of scrap metals you want to buy or import.

2. Quantity of scrap metals you want to buy or import.

3. Location or destination you want the scrap metals delivered.

4. Target price for scrap metals you want to buy or import if possible.

5. Terms of payment for scrap metals you want to buy or import.

Buy and Sell Scrap Metals Online

You can now buy and sell scrap metals online or import scrap metals as well export scrap metals. You can find scrap metals for sale, scrap metal sellers, scrap metal buyers, scrap metal suppliers, scrap metal dealers, scrap metal importers and scrap metal exporters by contacting us

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