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What is Charcoal

Charcoal is a residue of carbon gotten from carbonaceous materials like wood or organic materials. It is produced by partial burning or heating of wood or organic materials in the absence of oxygen.
The slow process of burning or heating of organic materials like wood under high temperature in the absence of air is called pyrolisis or carbonization. Carbonization is the discolouration or blackening of organic materials by heating. As a result of heating of wood or organic materials, volatile compounds like water, methane, hydrogen and tar are burnt off.
Charcoal is an alternative source of energy and is relatively a cheap source of fuel. The demand of charcoal varies from country to country. There is great demand for charcoal in Europe, Asia, America, Middle East, etc. While some buy depending on seasons others buy all year round.
Charcoal is mostly produced from wood which can be hardwood(hardwood charcoal) or softwood(softwood charcoal). Charcoal can also be produced from coconut shells which is called briquette charcoal(charcoal briquettes) as well as other organic materials.

Uses of Charcoal

1. Charcoal is used as a cooking fuel in some countries.
2. Charcoal as a source of fuel is used for house warming in some countries especially during winter.
3. Charcoal is an metallurgical fuel that fuel used in metallurgy.
4. Charcoal is an industrial fuel.
5. Charcoal serves as syngas which can be used as fuel and chemical feedstock.
6. Charcoal is used in production of blackpowder which is used in fireworks.
7. Charcoal serves as one of the raw materials in making some toothpastes and cosmetics.
8. Activated charcoal is used in filtration and purification owing to its adsorbing property.
9. Charcoal can be used as a decolourizing material.
10. Charcoal is can be used in darkening chalk boards.
11. Charcoal is used by artists for drawing and sketching.

Types of Charcoal

There are different types of charcoal. Some are referred to as restaurant grade charcoal, barbecue charcoal, industrial grade charcoal or unsorted grade charcoal, restaurant non-sparkling hardwood charcoal, barbecue grill hardwood charcoal, natural ayin charcoal or shisha grade charcoal, shisha finger natural hardwood charcoal and what have you.
Simply put, charcoal types are as follows.
1. Hardwood charcoal
2. Softwood charcoal
3. Briquette charcoal(Charcoal briquettes)
4. BBQ charcoal(Barbecue charcoal)
5. Shisha charcoal.

Buy and Sell Hardwood Charcoal, Import and Export Hardwood Charcoal

You can sell hardwood charcoal, buy hardwood charcoal, export hardwood charcoal and import hardwood charcoal. Hardwood charcoal sellers or hardwood charcoal suppliers can sell hardwood charcoal or supply hardwood charcoal to hardwood charcoal buyers. At the international level, hardwood charcoal exporters can export hardwood charcoal to hardwood charcoal importers. They are usually lump hardwood charcoal or hardwood lump charcoal. Just as  If you are selling hardwood charcoal, supplying hardwood charcoal or exporting hardwood charcoal you can sell to those buying hardwood charcoal or importing hardwood charcoal.

Buy and Sell Softwood Charcoal, Import and Export Softwood Charcoal

You can sell softwood charcoal, buy softwood charcoal, export softwood charcoal and import softwood charcoal. Softwood charcoal sellers or softwood charcoal suppliers can sell softwood charcoal or supply softwood charcoal to softwood charcoal buyers.  Softwood charcoal exporters can export softwood charcoal to softwood charcoal importers at the international level. These are lump softwood charcoal or softwood lump charcoal. If you are selling softwood charcoal, supplying softwood charcoal or exporting softwood charcoal you can sell to those buying softwood charcoal or importing softwood charcoal.

Buy and Sell Charcoal Briquettes, Import and Export Charcoal Briquettes

You can sell charcoal briquettes, buy charcoal briquettes, export charcoal briquettes and import charcoal briquettes. Charcoal briquettes sellers or charcoal briquettes suppliers can sell briquette charcoal or supply charcoal briquettes to charcoal briquettes buyers. At the international level, charcoal briquettes exporters can export charcoal briquettes to charcoal briquettes importers. If you are selling charcoal briquettes, supplying charcoal briquettes or exporting charcoal briquettes you can sell to those buying charcoal briquettes or importing charcoal briquettes.

Buy and Sell BBQ Charcoal, Import and Export BBQ Charcoal

You can sell BBQ charcoal, buy BBQ charcoal, export BBQ charcoal and import BBQ charcoal. BBQ charcoal sellers or BBQ charcoal suppliers can sell BBQ charcoal or supply BBQ charcoal to BBQ charcoal buyers. BBQ charcoal exporters can export BBQ charcoal to BBQ charcoal importers at the international level. If you are selling BBQ charcoal, supplying BBQ charcoal or exporting BBQ charcoal you can sell to those buying BBQ charcoal or importing BBQ charcoal.

Buy and Sell Shisha Charcoal, Import and Export Shisha Charcoal

You can sell shisha charcoal, buy shisha charcoal, export shisha charcoal and import shisha charcoal. Shisha charcoal sellers or shisha charcoal suppliers can sell shisha charcoal or supply shisha charcoal to shisha charcoal buyers. At the international level, shisha charcoal exporters can export shisha charcoal to hardwood charcoal importers. If you are selling shisha charcoal, supplying shisha charcoal or exporting shisha charcoal you can sell to those buying shisha charcoal or importing shisha charcoal.

Charcoal Business

Charcoal business is done by individuals and charcoal businesses. This can be local charcoal business or international charcoal business— charcoal export business and charcoal import business.
Charcoal business begins from sourcing the raw materials for charcoal production to charcoal sales to end users of charcoal. Charcoal business includes the following.
1. Charcoal production or charcoal manufacturing by charcoal producers or charcoal manufacturers. Production of charcoal or manufacturing of charcoal is one aspect of the charcoal business. Producers of charcoal or manufacturers of charcoal are involved in charcoal business because of what they stand to gain from charcoal production.
2. Charcoal marketing by charcoal marketers: Marketers of charcoal who are into charcoal marketing help in marketing charcoal.
3. Charcoal sourcing and charcoal procurement: Sourcing charcoal and procuring charcoal is done by charcoal sourcing agents and charcoal procurement agents(charcoal buying agents). Charcoal sourcing agents source charcoal while charcoal buying agents help buy charcoal on behalf of charcoal buyers.
4. Charcoal sales, charcoal supplies and charcoal exportation by those into sales of charcoal such as direct charcoal sellers, charcoal suppliers or charcoal exporters. This also includes the services of charcoal sales representatives or charcoal sales agents.
5. Charcoal buying or charcoal importation by charcoal buyers and charcoal importers who buy charcoal or import charcoal.

Charcoal Trade

Charcoal trade involves buying and selling charcoal. Trading charcoal or charcoal trading can be done locally and internationally. The former is local charcoal trade while the later is international charcoal trade.
Local charcoal trade is trading of charcoal between sellers of charcoal and buyers of charcoal within a country. International charcoal trade is the trading of charcoal between exporters of charcoal and importers of charcoal in two or more countries.

Charcoal Marketplace

Classify24 is a charcoal marketplace. As a marketplace for charcoal, you can sell your charcoal, export your charcoal or supply charcoal  to those who wants to buy charcoal or import charcoal.

Classify24 Charcoal Trade Facilitation

We at classify24 don’t just trade on charcoal but we facilitate charcoal trade as charcoal trade facilitators at various levels of trade be it locally and internationally. Thus, we connect charcoal sellers and charcoal buyers as well as charcoal exporters and charcoal importers.
Our charcoal trade facilitation exists to let you easily buy and sell charcoal or import and export charcoal. To this, you just have to make us your charcoal seller mandate or charcoal buyer mandate. As your seller mandate for charcoal, we will prioritize sourcing charcoal for you and connecting you with charcoal buyers and charcoal importers. On the other hand, as your buyer mandate for charcoal, we will prioritize sourcing and connecting you with charcoal sellers, charcoal suppliers, charcoal exporters and charcoal dealers for different types of charcoal.

Advertising Charcoal for Sale and Charcoal Wanted

Simply choose an advertising plan to advertise your charcoal available for sale or charcoal wanted for purchase offers.

Quantity of Charcoal

The quantity of charcoal depends on the quantities of charcoal that charcoal sellers have for for sale and the quantities of charcoal which charcoal buyers want to buy at any given time. In-house, we are open for charcoal supply contracts to all countries.

Specifications of Charcoal

Charcoal specifications are based on size, ash content, moisture content, fixed carbon, origin, etc.

Price of Charcoal

Charcoal prices are negotiable but affordable since sellers of charcoal offer competitive charcoal with reference to the international market price of charcoal.

Terms of Payment for Charcoal

Payment terms for charcoal are negotiable based on agreed terms of payment for charcoal.

Packaging of Charcoal

Charcoal packaging is negotiable. Charcoal is packaged in different sizes of packaging materials into 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 50kg or as agreed by buyers and sellers.

Terms of Delivery for Charcoal

Charcoal delivery terms are based on the delivery terms agreed to ensure prompt delivery after all trade and payment terms are met.

Buy and Sell Charcoal Online

You can buy and sell charcoal online or import and export charcoal online. Our charcoal for sale are of good quality and affordable. More so, you can now find a charcoal seller, charcoal buyer, charcoal exporter, charcoal importer, charcoal supplier and charcoal dealer.
If you are looking for good quality charcoal for sale you can contact us now by sending us a formal letter of intent(loi) or state the following.
1. Type of charcoal and/or specification of charcoal you want to buy or import.
2. Quantity of charcoal you want to buy or import.
3. Location or destination of charcoal delivery.
4. If possible, the target price of charcoal you want to import or buy.
5. Charcoal payment terms.

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