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What is Wood, Timber, Log and Lumber?

Wood is a material gotten from trees. They are structural tissues which are fibrous and porous parts of the roots and stems of trees. Wood is usually gotten from timbers.
Timber is wood gotten from trees that are unfelled, felled and which can be processed into various forms for different uses. Thus, timber is the source of wood. Put another way,  timbers are unfelled trees that are still attached to the ground which can be cut down for various uses. They are unprocessed trees with their barks intact.
Logs are rough pieces of wood gotten from felled trees for different uses.
Lumber is timber that has been fallen and wood that has been processed.
Lumbers are wood gotten from felled trees which are not attached to the ground and without barks. They are cut into marketable sizes and processed for sale for different uses. 
It is worthy of note that the use of the  terms wood, timber, log and lumber varies from country to country and are sometimes used interchangeably.
Meanwhile, wood or timbers are plant related forestry products. More so, there are different varieties and species of wood and timbers.

Classification of Wood, Types of Wood

Wood classification or wood types are as follows.
(1) Softwood
(2) Hardwood
Softwood are coniferous and evergreen trees. They are soft and fast growing trees which do not shed their leaves until new ones start growing. Examples of softwood are pines, spruces, firs, cedars, etc. 
Hardwood are deciduous trees with dense structure and broad leaves. There are hardwood that are monicotyledons and hardwood that are angiosperms. Examples of hardwood are mahogany, teak, oak, rosewood, etc.
The classification of wood into soft wood and hard wood is for convenience. Some wood classified as hardwood are softer compared to some softwood while some wood that are classified as softwood are harder compared to some hardwood.
Regardless of whether softwood or hardwood, wood and timbers varies in thickness, widths and lengths, surfacing, etc which affect their prices.

Uses of Wood and Timbers

Timbers and wood have different uses across a number of industries one of which is building and construction.
Some of the uses of wood and timbers as as follows.
(1) Timbers and wood are used as fuel.
(2) Wood and timbers are used in producing charcoal used as fuel.
(3) Timber and wood are used for roofing.
(4) Wood is used for flooring.
(5) Wood is used for furniture making(making furniture).
(6) Wood is used for fencing and decoration of homes.
(7) Wood is used for making weapons.
(8) Wood is used in making some sport equipment.
(9) Wood pulp is used for paper production(production of papers).
(10) Wood is used for making some tools and handles of some tools.
(11) Wood is used in making some utensils.
(12) Wood is used by artists for carvings, sculptures, etc.
(13) Wood are used as components of musical instruments.
(14) Wood and timbers are used in construction and building.
(15) Recently, it has been discovered that wood is used as a feedstock for producing pure cellulose and derivatives of cellulose such as cellophane and cellulose acetate.

Wood and Timber Business

Wood and timber businesses can be done locally and internationally. Local wood and timber business is wood and timber business within a country while international wood and timber business is wood and timber business between two or more countries.
Wood exportation business, wood importation business, timber exportation business and timber exportation business thrives when and where there are exporters and importers of wood and timber. These importers and exporters of wood and timber are involved in wood export, wood import, timber export and timber export.

Wood Trade, Timber Trade

Wood and timber trade involves buying and selling wood and timbers. Timber and wood trading can be done at the local and international levels.
Trading wood and timbers enable wood traders and timber traders sell wood and timbers to those buying wood and timbers or importing wood and timbers. Thus, individuals and businesses trade wood or trade timber locally and internationally.

Classify24 Timber and Wood Marketplace

Classify24 is a timber and wood marketplace. Classify24 as a wood and timber marketplace, lets you buy and sell wood, timbers, logs and lumbers. You can also find and provide services related to wood and timbers. Being that Classify24 is a marketplace for wood and timbers.  Classify24 timber and wood marketplace exists for those who want to buy and sell wood and timber. Thus, you can find the following for your wood and timber business.
(1) Wood sellers, timber sellers, log sellers and lumber sellers can sell wood, sell timbers, sell logs and sell lumbers to wood buyers, timber buyers, log buyers and lumber buyers.
(2) Wood exporters, timber exporters, log exporters and lumber exporters can export wood, export timbers, export logs and export lumbers to wood importers, timber importers, log buyers and lumber importers.

Classify24 Timber and Wood Trade Facilitation

We at Classify24 facilitate wood trade and timber trade as wood trade facilitators or timber trade facilitators. Thus, we connect sellers of wood, sellers of timbers, sellers of logs and sellers of lumbers with buyers of wood,  buyers of timbers, buyers of logs and buyers of lumbers.
At the international level, we connect exporters of wood, exporters of timbers, exporters of logs and exporters of lumbers with importers of wood, importers of timbers, importers of logs and importers of lumbers.
Our wood and timber trade facilitation lets you easily buy and sell wood and timber or import and export wood. Your only obligation is to make us your timber and wood seller mandate or timber and wood buyer mandate(open for negotiation on this). As your seller mandate for wood and timbers, we will prioritize sourcing wood and timber buyers and importers for you. On the other hand, as your buyer mandate for wood and timbers, we will prioritize connecting you with wood and timber sellers, exporters, suppliers and dealers of different types of wood and timbers.

Advertising Wood and Timber for Sale or Wood and Timber Wanted

You can choose an advertising plan to advertise your wood and timbers for sale or timbers and wood wanted offers.

Buy and Sell Timbers and Wood Online

You can buy and sell wood and timbers online or import and export timbers and wood online. We have wood for sale or timbers for sale. Besides, you can find a wood seller, wood buyer, timber seller, timber buyer, log seller, log buyer, lumber seller or lumber buyer by contacting us.
Are you looking for wood for sale, timbers for sale, logs for sale and lumbers for sale? Contact us now by sending us an official letter of intent(Loi) or state the following.
1. Type and specification of wood and timbers you want to buy or import.
2. Quantity of wood and timbers you want to buy or import.
3. Location or destination you want the timbers or wood delivered.
4. Possibly, the target price of the wood and timbers you want to buy or import.
5. Timber and wood payment terms.

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