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Wood Sales, Timber Sales

We are into sales of wood and sales of timber. Want to buy wood, buy timbers, buy logs, buy lumbers or import wood, import timbers, import logs and import lumbers? We can meet your wood and timber supply requirements being that we are:
1. Wood sellers, wood suppliers, wood exporters and wood dealers. We sell wood, supply wood and export wood to wood buyers and wood importers.  
2. Timber sellers, timber suppliers, timber exporters and timber dealers. We sell timbers, supply timber and export timber to timber buyers and timber importers.
3. Log sellers, log suppliers, log exporters and log dealers. We sell logs, supply logs and export logs to log buyers and log importers.
4. Lumber sellers, lumber suppliers, lumber exporters and lumber dealers. We sell lumbers, supply lumbers and export lumbers to lumber buyers and lumber importers.
We have different types of wood and timbers. Besides, we are constantly increasing our stock of wood such as hardwood and softwood. You can buy hardwood or import hardwood just as you can buy softwood or import soft wood. In fact we are your hardwood sellers, hardwood exporters, hardwood suppliers as well as your soft wood sellers, soft wood exporters and soft wood suppliers.

Wood Sellers, Wood Exporters, Wood Suppliers

Are you looking for wood sellers, wood exporters and wood suppliers? We are sellers  of wood, exporters of wood and suppliers of wood. Wood buyers and wood importers or buyers of wood and importers of wood can contact us for wood supplies. We sell wood, export wood and supply wood globally.
We are selling wood, exporting wood and supplying wood to those buying wood and importing wood. In fact, we are into sales of wood because we specialize in wood sales.

Timber Sellers, Timber Exporters, Timber Suppliers

Are you looking for timber sellers, timber exporters and timber suppliers? We are sellers of timber, exporters of timber and suppliers of timber. Timber buyers and timber importers or buyers of timber and importers of timber can contact us for timber supplies. We sell timber, export timber and supply timber internationally.
We are selling timber, exporting timber and supplying timber to those buying timber and importing timber. Indeed, we are into sales of timber. We specialize in timber sales.

Buy Round Logs, Round Logs for Sale, Import Round Logs

You can buy round logs and import round logs from round log sellers, round log exporters, round log suppliers and round log dealers. Looking for round logs for sale? We sell round logs, export round logs and supply round logs.

Want to buy wood logs or import wood logs? We are wood log sellers, wood log exporters, wood log suppliers and wood log dealers. We sell wood logs, export wood logs and supply wood logs. We have various types of wood logs for sale which have the following diameters 69-89cm and 89-119cm.

  • Buy doussie or import doussie: We have doussie for sale. You can buy doussie wood or import doussie wood from doussie sellers, doussie exporters, doussie suppliers and doussie dealers. We sell doussie and export doussie. Interested in buying doussie logs or importing doussie logs? Buy doussie round logs or import doussie round logs.
  • Buy iroko or import iroko: We have iroko for sale. You can buy iroko wood or import iroko wood from iroko sellers, iroko exporters, iroko suppliers and iroko dealers. We sell iroko and export iroko. Interested in buying iroko logs or importing iroko logs? Buy iroko round logs or import iroko round logs.
  • Buy ebony or import ebony: We have ebony for sale. You can buy ebony wood or import ebony wood from ebony sellers, ebony exporters, ebony suppliers and ebony dealers. We sell ebony and export ebony. Interested in buying ebony logs or importing ebony logs? Buy ebony round logs or import ebony round logs.
  • Buy okan or import okan: We have okan for sale. You can buy okan wood or import okan wood from okan sellers, okan exporters, okan suppliers and okan dealers. We sell okan and export okan. Interested in buying okan logs or importing okan logs? Buy okan round logs or import okan round logs.
  • Buy tali or import tali: We have tali for sale. You can buy tali wood or import tali wood from tali sellers, tali exporters, tali suppliers and tali dealers. We sell tali and export tali. Interested in buying tali logs or importing tali logs? Buy tali round logs or import tali round logs.
  • Buy miranti or import miranti: We have miranti for sale. You can buy miranti wood or import miranti wood from miranti sellers, miranti exporters, miranti suppliers and miranti dealers. We sell miranti and export miranti. Interested in buying miranti logs or importing miranti logs? Buy miranti round logs or import miranti round logs.
  • Buy sapelli or import sapelli: We have sapelli for sale. You can buy sapelli wood or import sapelli wood from sapelli sellers, sapelli exporters, sapelli suppliers and sapelli dealers. We sell sapelli and export sapelli. Interested in buying sapelli logs or importing sapelli logs? Buy sapelli round logs or import sapelli round logs. Sapelli is also called Sapele hence you can buy Sapele logs and import Sapele.
  • Buy okuome or import okuome: We have okuome for sale. You can buy okuome wood or import okuome wood from okuome sellers, okuome exporters, okuome suppliers and okuome dealers. We sell okuome and export okuome. Interested in buying okuome logs or importing okuome logs? Buy okuome round logs or import okuome round logs.
  • Buy pachy or import pachy: We have pachy for sale. You can buy pachy wood or import pachy wood from pachy sellers, pachy exporters, pachy suppliers and pachy dealers. We sell pachy and export pachy. Interested in buying pachy logs or importing pachy logs? Buy pachy round logs or import pachy round logs.
  • Buy azobe or import azobe: We have azobe for sale. You can buy azobe wood or import azobe wood from azobe sellers, azobe exporters, azobe suppliers and azobe dealers. We sell azobe and export azobe. Interested in buying azobe logs or importing azobe logs? Buy azobe round logs or import azobe round logs.
  • Buy belinga or import belinga: We have belinga for sale. You can buy belinga wood or import belinga wood from belinga sellers, belinga exporters, belinga suppliers and belinga dealers. We sell belinga and export belinga. Interested in buying belinga logs or importing belinga logs? Buy belinga round logs or import belinga round logs.
  • Other round logs: You can buy round logs of other wood. Regardless of the ones highlighted, we will let you know if we have the other type of round logs you want to buy or import when you contact us.

Buy Sawn Timbers, Sawn Timbers for Sale, Import Sawn Timbers

You can buy sawn timbers and import sawn timbers from sawn timber sellers, sawn timber exporters, sawn timber suppliers and sawn timber dealers. We sell sawn timbers, export sawn timbers and supply sawn timbers. Our sawn timbers are cut into sizes as per buyer requirements.
Interested in buying sawn timbers or importing sawn timbers? We are selling sawn timbers, exporting sawn timbers and supplying sawn timbers. You can start buying and importing the following sawn timbers.
  • Buying doussie or importing doussie as sawn timbers.
  • Buying iroko or importing iroko as sawn timbers.
  • Buying ebony or importing ebony as sawn timbers.
  • Buying okan or importing okan as sawn timbers.
  • Buying tali or importing tali as sawn timbers.
  • Buying miranti or importing miranti sawn timbers.
  • Buying sapelli or importing sapelli sawn timbers. Sapelli belongs to Mahogany family. Another name for Sapelli is Sapele. This wood is named after a city called Sapele which is one of the Local Government Areas of Delta state in the Niger Delta, Nigeria.  Thus, you can buy Sapele sawn timbers or import Sapele sawn timbers.
  • Buying okuome or importing okuome sawn timbers.
  • Buying pachy or importing pachy sawn timbers.
  • Buying azobe or importing azobe sawn timbers.
  • Buying belinga or importing belinga sawn timbers.
  • Buying and importing other sawn timbers: You can buy sawn timbers of other types. Regardless of these listed sawn timbers, we will let you know if we have the other type of sawn timbers you want to buy or import when you contact us.

Quantity of Wood and Timber We Sell, Supply and Export

The quantity of wood and timbers we have for sale varies and sometimes subject to availability of stock. However, we can meet your wood and timber supplies requirements in terms of quantities, qualities, specifications and affordability. Moreover, we are open for wood and timber supply contracts to any part of the world.

Price of Wood, Price of Timber

Wood prices or timber prices varies. We are aware of the international prices of wood and timbers hence we offer competitive prices for wood and timbers without compromising quality of wood and timbers. We are always open for negotiation when it comes to wood pricing or timber pricing.

Terms of Payment for Wood and Timbers

Our wood and timber payment terms are negotiable.

Terms of Timber and Wood Delivery

Our timbers and wood delivery terms are negotiable. We offer prompt delivery of wood and timbers as soon as all timber trade terms or wood trade terms are met.

Buy Wood and Timber Online

Buy timbers and wood online from a wood seller, timber seller, wood exporter, timber exporter, log seller, log exporter, lumber seller, lumber exporter, wood supplier, timber supplier, log supplier and lumber supplier by contacting us now. Please send us an official letter of intent(loi) or clearly state the following on contacting us.
1. Name or type of wood or timber you want to buy or import.
2. Quantity of wood and timber you want to import and buy.
3. Specification of wood and timber you want to buy or import.
4. Location or destination where the wood and timber will be delivered.
5. Possibly, your target price for the wood and timber you are interested in buying or importing.

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