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Classify24 acts as marketers, sales representatives, sourcing agents and brokers for agricultural trade, oil and gas trade, petrochemical trade, mining or mineral trade, gemstone trade, metal trade, alloy trade, energy trade and power trade  as well as offer market research and marketing plan writing for these industries through our local and international networks on Classify24.com.

Classify24 is a marketplace to trade agriculture, trade oil and gas, trade petrochemical, trade mineral, trade gemstone, trade metal, trade alloy, trade energy,  trade power and trade agriculture chemical in our quest for economic diversification for a sustainable economy through agriculture, oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, mineral, gemstone, metal, alloy, energy, power and agriculture chemical. We believe that economic diversification is an insurance against economic recession.

Classify24 is a product of Edeki Multipurpose Company Ltd(RC 1417139), a company registered  in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC).

We connect agricultural buyers and agricultural sellers or agricultural exporters and agricultural importers, oil and gas buyers and oil and gas sellers or oil and gas exporters and oil and gas importers, petrochemical buyers and petrochemical sellers or petrochemical exporters and petrochemical importers, mineral buyers and mineral sellers or mineral exporters and mineral importers, gemstone buyers and gemstone sellers or gemstone exporters and gemstone importers, metal buyers and metal sellers or metal exporters and metal importers, alloy buyers and alloy sellers or alloy exporters and alloy importers, energy and power product buyers and energy and power product sellers or energy and power exporters and energy and power importers.

Classify24 was set-up to provide a simplified, reliable and sustainable trading and business services for buying, selling and business listing through Classified ads, B2B Marketplace and Business Directory for these targeted sectors. Classify24.com is an innovative and slightly modified niche classifieds, b2b marketplace and business directory strictly for agriculture, oil and gas, petrochemicals, petrochemical derivatives, minerals, gemstones, metals, alloys, energy and power. Conceptually, our focus is to provide agriculture classifieds, agriculture b2b marketplace, agriculture businesses, oil and gas classifieds, oil and gas b2b marketplace, oil and gas business directory, petrochemical classifieds, petrochemical b2b marketplace, petrochemical business directory, mineral classifieds, mineral b2b marketplace, mineral business directory, gemstone classifieds, gemstone b2b marketplace, gemstone business directory, metal classifieds, metal b2b marketplace, metal business directory, alloy classifieds, alloy b2b marketplace and alloy business directory, energy classifieds, energy b2b marketplace and energy business directory for fossil energy(oil and gas and coal), alternative energy or renewable energy like green energy e.g solar energy( solar cells, solar panels, inverters, and converters), biofuels, etc.

Classify24 connect buyers, sellers and businesses with regards to find and list agriculture products(plants and animals), agriculture equipment and machinery,  agriculture chemicals(fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, etc), agriculture real estate, agriculture businesses, agriculture jobs, agriculture services, crude oil or petroleum, natural gas, petroleum products (crude oil products), oil and gas equipment and machinery( crude oil equipment and machinery and natural gas equipment and machinery), oil and gas businesses, oil and gas jobs, oil and gas services,  petrochemicals, petrochemical derivatives, petrochemical equipment and machinery, petrochemical businesses, petrochemical jobs, petrochemical services, minerals such as solid minerals, precious metals and precious stones, gemstones, mining equipment and machinery or mineral equipment and machinery, mineral jobs and mining jobs, mineral services and mining services, metals, metal equipment and machinery, metal businesses, metal jobs, metal services, alloys, alloy equipment and machinery, alloy businesses, energy and power products or energy and power equipment as well investment/ business opportunities in agriculture industry, oil and gas industry, mining industry and/or mineral industry, gemstone industry, metal industry or metallurgy industry and alloy industry, energy and power industry. We connect buyers, sellers, exporters, importers, sales representatives (agriculture sales representatives, oil and gas sales representatives, petrochemical sales representatives, mineral sales representatives, gemstone sales representatives, metal sales representatives, alloy sales representatives, energy sales representatives and power sales representatives for agriculture sales jobs, oil and gas sales sales, petrochemical sales jobs, mineral sales jobs, gemstone sales jobs, metal sales jobs and alloy sales jobs, energy sales jobs and power sales jobs), trade leads ( agriculture trade leads, oil and gas trade leads, petrochemical trade leads, mineral trade leads, gemstone trade leads, metal trade leads, alloy trade leads, energy trade leads and power trade leads) directly or through brokers (agriculture brokers, oil and gas brokers, petrochemical brokers, mineral brokers, gemstone brokers, metal brokers and alloy brokers, energy brokers and power brokers) locally and internationally.


Classify24 Mission

Classify24’s mission is to encourage economic diversification for a sustainable economy through agriculture, oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, mineral, gemstone, metal, alloy, energy and power.

Classify24 Vision

Classify24’s vision is to be one of the most innovative, convenient and reliable platform promoting agriculture, oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, mineral, gemstone, metal, alloy, energy and power industries by using various innovative and integrated marketing strategies(online and offline) in our quest for economic diversification for a sustainable economy.

We are one of the fastest growing trade connection & business connection platforms for these sectors considering how important they are to every economy. This is because every country is endowed with one, some or all of these resources which are either utilized locally or internationally (exported/imported). Besides, they are sources of income or revenue for individuals, businesses and government as foreign exchanges. Some countries have them in qualities and quantities than others which give them  comparative advantages over others. In fact, these sectors are sources of wealth creation and job creation.


Why Classify24 is Unique

Our uniqueness is tied to our three-in-one (3-in-1) services- classifieds, b2b marketplace and business directory for our users. Classify24.com is easy to use, fast to search ads or post ads. Besides,  all ads are reviewed before being published to ensure compliance with classify24 terms of use/ruleClassify24 classifieds  service promotes customer-to-customer or business-to-customer(b2c) services for buyers and sellers in these targeted sectors. Classify24  b2b marketplace service is dedicated to promote local and international trade through export, import, exportation, importation, exporting or importing of goods, products, equipment as well as international b2b services in these targeted sectors. Classify24 business directory service is aimed at giving local and international businesses an online presence in these targeted sectors.


How to Post Ads or Submit Listings on Classify24

Register on classify24, select any classify24 advertising plan and post ads which we review before publishing.

We value you as a user of our platform and respect your privacy . We recommend that you also read  classify24 safety tips . It is important to note that  we don’t just connect people and businesses in these sectors but we are fully involved through classify24 services as well as check out classify24 business partnership opportunities .

More so, you can help us spread the word about classify24.com to sellers, buyers and businesses including your family, friends and other people that will find our services useful. Enjoy using our services as we hope to serve you better.

You are free to contact us for whatever enquiries and feedback/suggestions to enable us serve you better.


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