About Us

Classify24 is a marketplace for sourcing products, buying products, selling products, exporting products, importing products and finding manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers, sellers, buyers, service providers and service seekers. Classify24 is a marketplace to source, buy and sell raw materials, products, accessories and on demand service related transactions.

In fact, Classify24 is a b2b(business to business), b2c(business to customers) and c2c(customer to customer) marketplace. Classify24 facilitates transactions for wholesale, retail and consumers.

At Classify24, transactions are done without/with on demand Classify24 Escrow Service which protect sellers and buyers against frauds and scams. In handling transactions, Classify24 offers flexible payments. More details about how payments work are detailed in Classify24 Payments and Classify24 Terms and Conditions under payments and that you accept all terms including Classify24 Privacy Policy.

Classify24 facilitate business transactions via different Classify4 Services which includes but not limited to supply chain management which ensures the right products and services leave the right source to the customers at the right place and right time without compromising quality and affordability.  This is made possible by leveraging on our marketplace, network and technology.

Indeed, Classify24 gives you access to market, access to logistics, access to contracts, access to finance and access to investment. Thus, we are open for partnership with genuine, verifiable and reliable entities such as businesses and governments through our Classify24 Business Partnership Opportunities for businesses and governments.

The Classify24 marketplace let’s you source, buy and sell products, accessories and raw materials and services that are of high quality at competitive prices just when and where you want them through Classify24 Services.

Classify24 is a product of Edeki Multipurpose Company Ltd (RC 1417139) which is registered with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC).

Classify24 Vision
Classify24 vision is to be a marketplace of choice for genuine, verifiable and reliable sellers and ready, willing and financially capable buyers for real business transactions.

Classify24 Mission
Classify24 mission is to connect manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers and buyers for transactions by leveraging on our marketplace, network and technology thereby meet and/or exceed the needs of our customers, partners and stakeholders.

Classify24 Core Values

Classify24 core values are built on CARES:

  • Convenience & Customer Service
  • Affordability & Accessibility
  • Reliability & Resourcefulness
  • Entrepreneurship & Empowerment
  • Sustainability & Scalability