Finance marketplace for finance, financing, bank instruments, forex currencies exchange, cryptocurrencies and other financial services.

Classify24 finance marketplace lets you provide financial services, find financial services or request for financial services. Our finance marketplace facilitates financial transactions for financiers, financial service providers and financial service seekers who wants financing. Therefore it can further be categorized as follows.


Financing Marketplace:

Classify24 financing marketplace for financing. It’s a financing marketplace for debt financing, equity financing, trade financing and project financing.


i. Debt Financing:

Debt financing is a type financial service which is mainly loans. Generally, there are different types of loans such as personal loans, mortgage loans, business loans, etc. There are also different types of loans based on repayment terms which are short-term loans, midterm loans and long-term loans. These loans can be provided by financiers such as financial institutions(e.g banks) and non-banking financing organizations and private lenders. Different terms and conditions are attached to loans and the amount, rates and moratorium varies from one debt financing provider to another. Loans are meant to be paid back within specific time-frames which can stretch from months to years depending on the amount of loans and type of loans.

Are you debt financing providers, debt financiers, debt financing service seekers or looking for debt financiers? You can provide debt financing, find debt financing or request for debt financing via Classify24.


ii. Equity Financing:

Equity financing is a type of financing in which some ownership rights are given up by owners of businesses or organizations in exchange of getting finance from the equity financiers.

In equity financing, the amount, terms, conditions and obligations varies. All are based on mutually acceptable terms and conditions by the actual owners and the financiers with a lot of documentations.

Unlike debt financing, equity financing isn’t meant to be paid back because equity financiers automatically becomes co-owners of the businesses and organizations by virtue of the finance they provided.

Are you equity financing providers, equity financiers, equity financing service seekers or looking for equity financiers? You can provide equity financing, find equity financing or request for equity financing via Classify24.


iii. Trade Financing:

Trade financing is a type of financing for trade. Trade finance comprises of local trade finance and international trade finance. There are two types of international trade financing which are export financing and import financing. Local trade financiers provide financing for local trade while international trade financiers provide financing for international trade—trade financing for exports and trade financing for imports. Trade financing involves bank instruments.

Are you trade finance providers, trade financiers, trade finance service seekers or looking for trade financiers? You can provide trade financing, find trade financing or request for trade financing via Classify24.


iv. Project Financing:

Project financing is a type of financing for projects. These projects can cut across different sectors. Project finance comprises of local project finance and international project finance.

Project financiers provide financing for local projects or international projects. It is worthy of note that project financing can either be based on debt financing or equity financing depending. In project financing, the amount, terms, conditions and obligations for project financing varies. Project financing involves a lot of documentation based on mutual agreement between project financers and project finance seekers. Project financing involves financial instruments.

Are you project finance providers, project financiers, project financing service seekers or looking for project financiers? You can provide project financing, find project financing or request for project financing via Classify24.



Financial Instruments or Bank Instruments Marketplace:

Classifyfy24 financial instruments or bank instruments marketplace for bank instruments or financial instruments.

Typical bank instruments are Standby Letter of Credit(SBLC), Bank Guarantee(Bank Guarantee), Letter of Credit(LC), Documentary Letter of Credit(DLC), Blocked Fund(BF), Bank Draft(BD), etc.

Are you bank instrument providers, bank instrument receivers, bank instrument monetizers or bank instrument seekers? Do you want to sell bank instruments, buy bank instruments, rent bank instruments, ease bank instruments or monetize bank instruments? Are you bank instrument sellers, bank instrument buyers, bank instrument lessors, bank instrument lessees and bank instrument monetizers?

Classify24 bank instruments marketplace for bank instruments facilitate bank instruments sales, bank instruments purchase, bank instruments rentals and bank instruments monetization. Indeed, the Classify24 bank instruments marketplace for bank instruments lets you provide bank instruments, find bank instruments or request for bank instruments.


Forex Marketplace:

Classify24 forex marketplace for forex is a foreign currencies marketplace for foreign currencies trade and foreign currencies exchange— offshore to offshore, offshore to inflow, inflow to inflow, swaps, face to dace, cash, travellers cheques, etc. It is a foreign currencies exchange marketplace for foreign currencies exchange deals and offers.

Are you forex sellers, forex buyers, forex providers or forex receivers? Do you sell forex, buy forex, want to sell forex, want to buy forex, swap forex, want to swap forex, sell currencies, buy currencies, want to sell currencies, want to buy currencies, swap currencies or want to swap currencies?

Classify24 foreign currencies marketplace for currencies facilitates forex sales, forex purchase, forex swaps, forex for sale, forex wanted for purchase, forex for swap and forex wanted for swap, currencies sales, currencies purchase, currencies swaps, currencies for sale, currencies wanted for purchase, currencies for swap and currencies wanted for swap.

Indeed, Classify24 fiat currencies exchange marketplace makes it possible to exchange local currencies with foreign currencies and vice versa. You can start selling forex, selling currencies, buying forex, buying currencies, swapping forex and swapping currencies by leveraging on Classify24 forex marketplace.


Cryptocurrency Marketplace:

Classify24 cryptocurrencies marketplace for cryptocurrencies exchange especially for bitcoins and ethereums and other cryptocurrencies that are available based on request.

Are you bitcoin sellers, bitcoin buyers, ethereum sellers, ethereum buyers, cryptocurrency sellers, cryptocurrency buyers? Do you sell bitcoins, buy bitcoins, sell ethereums, buy ethereums, sell cryptocurrencies, buy cryptocurrencies?

Do you want to sell bitcoins, want to buy bitcoins, want to sell ethereums, want to buy ethereums, want to sell cryptocurrencies, want to buy cryptocurrencies, swap cryptocurrencies or want to swap cryptocurrencies?

Classify24 crypto currencies marketplace for cryptocurrencies facilitates cryptocurrencies sales, cryptocurrencies purchase, cryptocurrencies swaps, cryptocurrencies for sale, cryptocurrencies wanted for purchase, cryptocurrencies for swap and cryptocurrencies wanted for swap.

Indeed, Classify24 cryptocurrencies exchange marketplace makes it possible to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies as well as exchange cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies. You can start selling cryptocurrencies, buying cryptocurrencies and swapping cryptocurrencies by leveraging on Classify24 cryptocurrency marketplace.


Advertising Finance; Finance Business Partnership

You can provide financial services, find financial services or request for financial services as financial service providers or financial services seekers by choosing an advertising plan to post your finance offers, finance deals and finance requests. Alternatively, you can be one of our finance business partners by considering our business partnership opportunities for finance in our targeted industries as well as others that may be of interest to users of Classify24 as we keep evolving.

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