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Generally, there are two types of investments and investors which are angel investment by angel investors and venture capital investment by venture capitalists.

1. Angel Investment:

Angel investors are high net worth individuals who are mostly the owners of the funds they invest. Angel investors are also called private investors, business angels, angel funders and seed investors. Angel investors fund startups that are at their early stages in exchange for ownership equity thereby become co-owners of the business.

2. Venture Capital Investment:

Venture capitalists provide more funds(than angel investors) for funding businesses in exchange of equity in the business they invest in. Venture capitalists are mostly a group of high net worth individuals who pool resources together(from different sources) for startups that have high growth potentials. This means that, apart from capital, venture capitalists deploy their expertise, networks, connections etc to the businesses they invest in.
From the ongoing, it therefore means that both angel investments and venture capital investments are types of equity financing for businesses of various sizes. Angel investors and venture capitalists invest in businesses for ownership rights and future profits. It is worthy of note that there is interrelationship between financing and investing hence both terms are sometimes used interchangeably.
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