Classify24 KYC(Know Your Customer), KYB(Know Your Business) and AML(Anti-Money Laundering) is aimed at preventing frauds, scams and money laundering for Classify24 users. This is in compliance with our payment processor(s) policies and regulatory authorities as well as ensure that Classify24 is safe for users of Classify24.

The safety and protection of Classify24 users is our top priority. Therefore, we welcome genuine, verifiable and reliable users who are 100% sure of engaging in only legitimate transactions that are free of scams, frauds or money laundering. In order to make Classify24 safe for our users which includes you kindly fill the compliance form below as well as attach/upload the required documents such as government issued means of identification(e.g international passport, drivers license or national identity card), business name/company registration certificate and tax certificate.


i. Only upload/attach genuine documents. If you attach any forged documents, we will report to appropriate authorities and have you charged and prosecuted for forgery.

ii. We won’t hesitate to report any attempted or perpetuated frauds, scams or money laundering to relevant authorities for which you will be charged and prosecuted.