Classify24 marketplace is an agricultural marketplace, oil and gas marketplace, petrochemical marketplace, mining and mineral marketplace, gemstone marketplace, metal marketplace, alloy marketplace, energy and power marketplace for products, equipment and machinery and marketers, sales representatives, sourcing agents and brokers in these sectors.


Classify24 Agricultural Marketplace for Agricultural Trade

A marketplace for agriculture that lets individuals and businesses to buy and sell agricultural products(those of plants and animals), agricultural equipment and machinery and agricultural chemicals. Agricultural companies can list their agricultural businesses on our agricultural business directory. There is also opportunity to request and hire the services of agricultural marketers for agricultural marketing, agricultural sales representatives for agricultural sales jobs, agricultural sourcing agents for agricultural sourcing, agricultural brokers for agricultural brokerage. Check out some of our agricultural marketplace offers .


Classify24 Oil and Gas Marketplace for Oil and Gas Trade

A marketplace for oil and gas to buy and sell oil and gas products such as crude oil or petroleum, gas, refined petroleum products such as PMS(petrol), AGO(diesel), DPK(kerosene), jet fuel, LPG, bitumen etc,  Oil and gas equipment and machinery . Oil and gas companies can list their oil and gas businesses on our oil and gas business directory. Besides, there is provision to request and hire the services of oil and gas marketers for oil and gas marketing, oil and gas sales representatives for oil and gas sales jobs, oil and gas sourcing agents for oil and gas sourcing, oil and gas brokers for oil and gas brokerage. Here are some of our oil and gas marketplace offers .


Classify24 Petrochemical Marketplace for Petrochemical Trade

A marketplace for petrochemical to buy and sell petrochemicals, petrochemical derivatives,  petrochemical equipment and machinery. Petrochemical companies  can list their petrochemical businesses on our petrochemical business directory.  You can equally request and hire the services of petrochemical marketers for petrochemical marketing, petrochemical sales representatives for petrochemical sales jobs, petrochemical sourcing agents for petrochemical sourcing, petrochemical brokers for petrochemical brokerage. Here are some of our petrochemical marketplace offers .


Classify24 Mining and Mineral Marketplace for Mining and Mineral Trade

A marketplace for mining  and mineral offers to buy and sell minerals, mining equipment and machinery as well as mining chemicals i.e chemicals used in mining. Offers to buy and sell gemstones and gemstone equipment and machinery are also listed here. Mining and mineral companies as well as gemstone businesses can list their mining and mineral businesses on our mining and mineral business directory. More so, you can request and  hire the services of mining and mineral marketers for mining and mineral marketing, mining and mineral sales representatives for mining and mineral sales jobs, mining and mineral sourcing agents for mining and mineral sourcing, mining and mineral brokers for mining and mineral brokerage. Gemstone marketers for gemstone marketing, gemstone sales representatives for gemstone sales jobs, gemstone sourcing agents for gemstone sourcing and gemstone brokers for gemstone brokerage are other services that can be listed here too. Here are some of our mining and mineral marketplace and gemstone marketplace offers .


Classify24 Metal and Alloy Marketplace for Metal and Alloy Trade

A marketplace for metal and alloy offers to buy and sell metals, alloys, metallurgical equipment and machinery as well as metallurgical chemicals i.e chemicals used in metal and alloy industry. Metallurgical companies can list their metal and alloy businesses  on our metal and alloy business directory.  You can request and  hire the services of metal and alloy marketers for metal and alloy marketing, metal and alloy sales representatives for metal and alloy sales jobs, metal and alloy sourcing agents for metal and alloy sourcing, metal and alloy brokers for metal and alloy brokerage. Here are some of our metal and alloy marketplace offers .


Classify24 Energy and Power Marketplace for Power and Energy Trade

A marketplace for energy and power offers to buy and sell energy and power products  as well as energy and power equipment and machinery. These includes renewable energy resources such as solar energy, hydropower, geothermal energy, wind energy and biomass energy(biofuel- biodiesel, biogas). Nonrenewable energy resources from fossil fuels(e.g oil, coal and natural gas) can also be listed.  Energy and power companies can list their energy and power businesses on our energy and power business directory.  Moreover, the services of energy and power marketers for energy and power marketing, energy and power sales representatives for energy and power sales jobs, energy and power sourcing agents for energy and power sourcing, energy and power brokers for energy and power brokerage can also be listed or requested. Here are some of our power and energy marketplace offers .


Classify24 Offers Wanted Marketplace for Our Targeted Sectors

This is classify24 marketplace for offers wanted in all the different sectors our platform promote. These are offers that potential buyers want us to help source for sellers who have them for sale and supply. These includes agricultural offers wanted, oil and gas offers wanted, petrochemical offers wanted, mining and mineral offers wanted, gemstone offers wanted, metal offers wanted, alloy offers wanted and energy and power offers wanted. Here are some of classify24 wanted offers.


NOTE: Contact us to make payments(except where classify24 directly acts as your marketer, sales representative, sourcing agent or broker) for your posted offers to be published(go live) on our platform after review.


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