Post Sourcing Requests

Post product sourcing and service sourcing requests. Source products and source services from manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and service providers.

If you are sourcing products or sourcing services, fill and submit the sourcing requests form below alongside principal end buyer’s/principal end service recipient’s official expression of interest (ICPO/LOI) on company letterhead and be ready to provide proof of financial capacity(BCL/POF) to execute when and where necessary. The request should be well detailed with information such as.

1. Name or type of product/service.
2. If product, clearly state the origin(where necessary)
3. If product, state specifications(with laboratory analysis report where necessary)
4. Total quantity
5. Nature of transaction(state if spot, contract or both) and contract duration
6. Incoterms/shipping terms(FOB, CRF/CNF or CIF)
7. Budget(target price)
8. Payment term: Clearly state if you are paying by bank transfer to the seller/service provider directly, using Classify24 Direct Payment Escrow Service(recommended), issuing bank instrument to the seller/service provider directly or using Classify24 Bank Instrument Escrow Service(recommended).

Note: If you are issuing bank instrument, ensure you state the type of bank instrument(e.g LC, DLC, SBLC, BG, etc) and the name and location of the bank that will issue the bank instrument).

More details about how Classify24 handles payment can be found at Classify24 Payments.

To start with, Register on Classify24 and then post your sourcing requests below.