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Classify24 pricing plans are flexible and affordable. You can advertise your offers– products, services, events, sales jobs and list your business in our business directory. You can equally join our sales representatives and sales agents network.


Advertising on Classify24

Advertising on classify24 is easy. Classify24 featured/posted offer plans will give your offers in agriculture, oil and gas, petrochemical, mining/mineral, gemstone, metal, alloy, energy and power industries a greater exposure to local and international buyers, sellers, service seekers and service providers interested in your products and services. Classify24 posted/featured offer plans are very flexible and cost-effective for numerous users of our platform that are interested in your offers in these specific sectors. This will give your business an edge over competitors.

As a local seller or buyer, exporter or importer, service provider or service seeker in any of these sectors, can help you have access to individuals and businesses in any of these targeted sectors. Our platform is committed to helping you have a good return on investment. We use our extensive internet marketing network (SEO and social media) in promoting your offer(s) to those who need your offer(s) at the right time, right price and at the right place based on your budget.


Classify24 Advertising Plans

1. $10 for 1 featured/posted offer for 1 week.

2. $30 for 1 featured/posted offer for 1 month.

3. $60 for 1 featured/posted offer for 3 months.

4. $140 for 1 featured/posted offer for 6 months.

5. $250 for 1 featured/posted offer for 1 year.

6. Contact us for any other custom featured/posted offer plan and other classify24 services for negotiation.

7. Contact us for pricing on listing your business in our business directory.

8. Contact us on pricing for joining our sales representatives or sales agents network.


How to Advertise on Classify24

1. Register on Classify24, if you haven’t done so already.
2. Choose one of classify24 direct advertising plans above or contact us for customized pricing or payment enquiry for other classify24 services.
3. Click Pay Classify24 and make payment.
4. After payment, contact us giving us details of your payment and your “classify24 username”.
5. Post your offer which we will review and publish after confirmation of payment.

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