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Refer manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers, sellers, buyers, service providers and service seekers to Classify24. You can refer product manufacturers, product suppliers, product exporters, product importers, product sellers and product buyers as well as providers of services and seekers of services to

Are you a seller/service provider or a buyer/service seeker who would like to transact but concerned about being paid for your product/service or getting the product/service you paid for? Refer whoever you want to transact with to Classify24 for seamless transactions by leveraging on Classify24 Marketplace and Classify24 Flexible Payments which minimize transaction risks against scams and frauds for both parties.

Refer Classify24 now let’s help you close more deals easily and safely.


How to Refer Businesses and Individuals You Would Like to Transact with to Classify24

1. Contact them through various media(e.g call/text/email/Whatsapp and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc).

2. Tell them you would like to engage in business transaction with them but that you are more concerned about doing so safely. Thus, you would prefer them to Sign up on so as to use one of the flexible payment options on Classify24 in order to minimize risks for both parties in the course of the transaction.