Classify24 safety tips for users of classify24 who are buyers, sellers, service providers, service seekers on

Safety Tips for Product Buyers and Service Seekers

  • Always research about the product, equipment or service.
  • Ask questions about the product, equipment or service and ensure you are given clarified answers.
  • Except service, if it is a local offer/deal, make sure you inspect the product or equipment on your own before buying. However, if it is an international offer, avail yourself to follow standard international trade procedures.
  • If it is a local offer/deal meet the seller at a public place before buying but if it is an international offer avail yourself to follow international trade procedures.
  • Cash is the best form of payment in a transaction through local platform for local offers/deals. Follow international trade procedures if it is an international offer/deal.
  • In your initial conversation do not disclose personal information that you consider too sensitive to the seller.
  • Cancel the offer/deal at once should your instinct tells you the offer/deal is fraudulent.
  • For local offers/deals do not pay money without seeing the product or equipment physically. Follow international trade procedures for international offers/deals.
  • Do not share your credit card or bank account details.
  • Only meet the seller in a public place but never in a secluded area for security and safety reasons.


Safety Tips for Product Sellers and Service Providers

  • Provide detailed and accurate information about the product, equipment or service.
  • Ensure you provide reliable answers to the buyer’s questions to build up his/her interest in your offer/deal.
  • Know the buyer’s identity and authenticity of the buyer’s offer before closing a deal.
  • If it is a local deal/offer, meet the buyer in person in a public place before closing the deal. Follow acceptable international trade procedures if it is an international deal/offer.
  • Be exact and detailed in your description of the product, equipment or service. Do not misinform the buyer with inadequate  and inaccurate information about the product, equipment or service.
  • Do not disclose too sensitive and personal information unless you are sure about the buyer’s intention.
  • Ask the buyer about his/her purpose of buying the product, equipment or service.
  • Do not meet the buyer in a secluded area.



For the sake of emphasis, ensure that you do due diligence on product buyers, product sellers, service providers and service seekers. For international trade, deals and offers, except in rare cases where advance payment is inevitable(but after thorough due diligence), work with only internationally acceptable payment terms like LC, SBLC, etc as well as trusted and reputable escrow payment services which minimize risks for sellers and buyers.


Using Classify24

We at Classify24 mean serious business. Please don’t use our platforms if your intention is to defraud and scam users of our platforms.

As users of Classify24, you are advised to do your own due diligence on individuals and businesses you choose to transact with. Therefore, we disclaim any loss or damage in your course of using Classify24. We at Classify24, our company and management will not be held responsible for any damage or loss whatsoever.

Report any individual or business who scam or attempts to scam you via our platforms to us. Please ensure you have enough genuine proof and evidence of the scam/attempted scam while reporting them. This is important to prevent tarnishing the image and reputation of businesses and individuals using our platforms.

As a platform and company that is very much committed to prevent fraudulent, scam and illegal trade, deals and offers in our targeted industries, we won’t hesitate to report any individual and business who use or attempts to use our platforms to defraud, scam and engage in illegality to relevant local and international law enforcement agencies for investigations and prosecutions.

Being that we don’t only buy and sell but also source and facilitate trade, deals and offers, you can make us your seller mandate or buyer mandate for products and services related to our targeted industries by contacting Classify24 and leveraging on  Classify24 services .

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