Terms and Conditions

Classify24 terms and conditions for sourcing, buying and selling products and services on Classify24.com.
You agree to be bound by the following Classify24 conditions and terms by signing up for and using Classify24 and it’s affiliates. These Classify24 terms of service or Classify24 terms of use are applicable for the various products and services that helps you source, buy and sell products and services as sellers, buyers, service providers and service seekers.


1. Scope

(1) Classify24 is a product of Edeki Multipurpose Company Ltd which owns and operates classify24.com which is a marketplace to buy, sell and source products and services.
(2) You can source, buy and sell products (and request for services, provide services or find services where applicable) which is facilitated by Classify24 for buyers, sellers, service providers and service seekers.
(3) You(sellers, buyers, service providers and service seekers) mandate and authorize Classify24 and Edeki Multipurpose Company Ltd to facilitate transactions on your behalf by leveraging on our platform, network and technology.
(4) Classify24 may carry out changes to the website or service, or suspend the service, without notice. Classify24.com reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Terms of Use, at any time. It is your responsibility to check these Terms of Use periodically for changes. Your continued use of the Classify24 following the posting of changes will mean that you accept and agree to the changes. As long as you comply with these Terms of Use, Classify24, Edeki Multipurpose Company Ltd and their affiliates grant you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited privilege to enter and use the Site.


2. Classify24’s Rights and Obligations

(1) You acknowledge that the relationship between us(you and Classify24) is based on the privacy policy and the general terms and conditions on our website.
(2) You are responsible for the products and services you sell or buy which is listed and ordered by you via our website.
(3) You mandate and authorize Classify24 to facilitate transactions on your behalf.
(4) In order to maintain our reputation for quality and high standard of service, we reserve the right to terminate our relationship with you if you repeatedly receive bad reviews or complaints, or fail to comply with our recommendations.


3. Users’ Rights and Obligations

(1) By using Classify24.com, it is your obligation and responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your personal details(e.g name, ID, password, etc) and you shall be responsible for all activities that occur under your account including all your posts and requests. Classify24 shall not be responsible or liable for content posts and requests or for any claims, damages or losses resulting from use of Classify24.com.
(2)You agree that Classify24 has the right to suspend, terminate or block access to your membership with Classify24.com and refuse to provide you with access to the website if you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or not in accordance with Classify24 Terms of Use.
(3) You obliged to provide all the information necessary when listing or requesting products/services on classify24.com. This should include but is not limited to, a detailed title and sub-title, price, quantity, picture and description. You must never knowingly deceive another user(buyer/seller) by misrepresenting their product(s) and service(s). You must notify Classify24 of any changes to the detail of your listings/requests while uploaded on our site.
(4) You guarantee that information listed/requested on Classify24 relating to products/services satisfy all legal requirements, and in particular satisfy information requirements for other users.
(5) You will be responsible for keeping an up-to-date inventory of all offers and deals listed on and requested on Classify24.
(6) You guarantee that the information provided does not violate any third party’s copyright.
(7) You will contact the other users no more than is necessary for processing the transactions facilitated by Classify24. In particular, the merchant will not send any advertising email or other commercial advertisements to other users without prior agreement from Classify24 or the expressed wish of other users. When delivering products/services sold or bought via Classify24, you will not advertise any of Classify24’s competitors.
(8) The seller will process orders and arrange delivery with all reasonable care the moment receipt of confirmation of sale is received through the Classify24 site via email and/or text message. The delivery options and time indicated on their listing is binding and should be strictly adhered to. Users are required to keep their advertised products and services available to the best of their ability. Repeated stock-outs will result in the removal of the users and all their products/services from the Classify24 platform.
(9) As a seller or service provider, if you cannot fulfill an order submitted to you, you must notify Classify24 as quickly as possible, and within 1 day of receiving the order at the latest.
(10) You agree to adhere to your range of products and prices as provided to Classify24 and as described on your listing or request on the website. You guarantee that there are no ongoing criminal, bankruptcy or tax proceedings or other penalties outstanding in relation to the products/services you are selling or buying through the platform. You further guarantee to take great care to keep up-to- date your range of products/services, stock count, prices and associated terms and conditions, like delivery fees.
(11) On request, users will be made to undergo verification and compliance by means of providing valid means of identification as part of our KYC(Know Your Customer), KYB(Know Your Business) and AML(Anti-Money Laundering) policies.


4. Regulated, Prohibited and Illegal Products and Services

(1) Classify24, Edeki Multipurpose Company Ltd and its affiliates do not directly and indirectly facilitate sale and purchase of regulated, prohibited and illegal products and services whether they are known or unknown. Therefore,
You(seller, buyer, service provider and service recipient) hereby agree to abide by and be compliant to any applicable laws, rules, regulations, notifications or orders issued by government(s) or any government(s) agencies from time to time in this regard including but not limited to known and unknown regulated, prohibited and illegal products and services.
(2) We(Classify24, Edeki Multipurpose Company Ltd and our affiliates) shall not be responsible for any information, content or material in respect of or related to any regulated, prohibited and illegal products and services posted, provided, displayed or requested by you(seller, buyer, service provider and service recipient) on the Web Site. Accordingly, you posting the content shall ensure that the content so posted does not violate any statue in the rules made thereunder including regulatory acts and laws hence no consequences of any nature could be attributed to us(Classify24, Edeki Multipurpose Company and our affiliates) in any manner whatsoever.
(3) You hereby undertake that you shall solely be responsible and shall bear all the liabilities in respect of such regulated, prohibited and illegal products and services based on existing and futuristic rules and laws. In the event of breach of such conditions, we and our affiliates shall not be liable and responsible in any manner whatsoever.
(4) You undertake and agree to indemnify and hold us and our affiliates, directors, officers, employees or representatives harmless from and against any and all losses, liabilities, damages, claims, costs and expenses (including attorney’s fees and expenses, any third party claims), which we may incur or suffer as a result of or in connection with such regulated, prohibited and illegal products abd services known and unknown.
(5) We do not offer any guarantees or warranties on regulated, prohibited and illegal products and services displayed or listed on the Web Site and is not liable for any relevant transaction between the User(s), including transactions involving such regulated, prohibited and illegal products and services which are restricted and/or banned for sale by any governmental or any other regulatory authorities.


5. Charges and Commissions

(1) Registration on Classify24 is free. However, you agree to pay Classify24 a fixed percentage commission on the gross revenue from your sales made through the Classify24 platform. Depending on the category it may be appropriate to agree different commission percentages for certain items or product/service categories.
(2) Classify24 may start charging additional fees for the sale of goods through the Classify24 platform at any point. These may include but are not limited to, listing fees, multiple photos fees and enhanced marketing fees. In the event of the introduction of further fees, you will be notified prior to their commencement and implementation via writing and you will have the option to opt in or out.
(3) Classify24 reserves the right to adjust the percentage commission and may provide suitable notice in advance to you when and where necessary. Classify24 will give you adequate notice of any commission changes, in writing. This does not cover adjustments that constitute a material change of the contract terms, which would require an additional agreement on the change.


6. Customers’ Payment

(1) Protecting sellers/service providers and buyers/service recipients against scams and frauds is of priority to us. Therefore, we encourage that all payments(credit card, debit card, wireless online transfer, etc) shall be made to Classify24 and/or Classify24’s parent company Edeki Multipurpose Company Ltd on behalf of sellers and service providers. Payments are facilitated by our payment processor(s). We confirm receipt of payment to seller/service provider who then fulfill the order with all proofs sent to us by seller/service provider. After the order is fulfilled and buyer/service recipient confirms receipt and satisfaction, and no dispute whatsoever, we will in turn pay sellers and service providers after deducting all necessary charges. We do not encourage upfront/advance payment to sellers and service providers directly at all. To minimize risks for sellers and buyers, we act as the escrow. The payment is made to us which is held in escrow by us for the transactions in order to protect both sellers and buyers against frauds and scams.
(2) Depending on the nature of the transaction, especially high value transactions that involves issuing financial instruments and receiving financial instruments as payment guarantees if both parties opt for Classify24 Bank Instrument Escrow, the buyer/service recipient issues the mutually agreed bank instrument to us on behalf of seller or service provider. We confirm receipt of the bank instrument to the seller or service provider who then fulfills the order and then final payment is made to us by the buyer or service provider while we pay the seller or service provider. Therefore, apart from Classify24 Direct Payment Escrow, we also offer Financial Instrument Escrow too which is aimed at protecting sellers/service providers and buyers/service receivers against financial instrument frauds and scams.
(3) The seller or service provider will keep receipts of deliveries to customers for at least 13 months and make those available on request. In case of problems that may cause the order to be rescinded, or in case of a delivery failure, the seller or service provider must immediately contact Classify24 so that the credit card payment may be cancelled.
(4) The seller or service provider bears the risk of abuse of the payment medium(e.g. of credit card or debit card fraud). If a fraudulent payment has been credited to the seller or service provider, we reserve the right to correct the amount the merchant is invoiced to offset this payment.


7. Invoicing and Payment to Sellers/Service Providers

(1) Classify24’s invoices may be delivered by email, online, fax, post or in person. They include Classify24’s claims on the seller/service provider, commission, and, if applicable, other fees.
(2) In certain situations where payment is made directly to the seller/service provider, Classify24 is to send a monthly statement of confirmed orders to the Supplier on or before the 3rd of each month after which the supplier will have 2 days for verification and commission settlement.
(3) The seller/service provider is to pay such commission(s) to Classify24 on or before the 5th day of receiving the monthly statement unless there are disputes/clarifications needed which have to be conveyed to Classify24 in writing within the allocated 5 days.
(4) In case the seller/service provider receives the payment of sold products/services on www.classify24.com directly, supplier is bound to pay the agreed commission to Classify24 in 5 days of receiving statement each month.
(5) Payments would be made by online payment, bank transfer or cross cheque payable to ‘Classify24, Edeki Multipurpose Company Ltd and/or any account as would be advised’.


8. Liability

(1) You(seller, buyer, service provider and service recipient) indemnify Classify24, Edeki Multipurpose Company Ltd and our affiliates, directors, officers, employees and representatives from all claims arising in relation to matters outside our control, including but not limited to the quality of goods and services provided by the seller/service provider. You(seller, buyer, service provider and service provider) further indemnify us from third parties’ claims resulting from any violation of laws and regulations by the seller/service provider.
(2) Classify24 and Edeki Multipurpose Company Ltd cannot guarantee that its service will be free from all malfunctions, but will exercise all reasonable care and skill to resolve any such case.
(3) VAT liability rests with the merchant and Classify24 will not be responsible for any VAT issues.


9. Privacy

Both parties are obliged to treat confidentially the content of this agreement, as well as all other information and data they acquire in connection with the partnership, and not use it for purposes outside the scope of this contract or pass it on to third parties. This obligation is in force for 1 year after the termination of the contract. Both parties are obliged to follow privacy laws and handle accordingly all data related to customers, suppliers and business partners. You can learn more about our privacy policy.


10. Licence

(1) Classify24 has the right to freely maintain users’ listings, requests and their rankings on the website. Classify24 offers customers the opportunity to give ratings and reviews of the seller’s and service provider’s products and services respectively on the website, and has the right but not the obligation to publish these online and make them visible to all customers. Classify24 reserves the right to delete ratings and reviews.
(2) Classify24 may scan, transcribe, and publish online the merchant’s listings, logos and other materials required. The merchant grants to Classify24, Edeki Multipurpose Company Ltd and our affiliates a royalty-free, perpetual, unrestricted licence to use and distribute any materials provided by him, for the purpose of marketing, advertising and promoting Classify24 services. In particular, this includes use in Google AdWords campaigns, social media(e.g facebook, twitter, linkedIn, etc), domain name registrations and other online marketing and search engine optimization measures.


11. Terms and Termination

(1) This agreement is valid as soon as you sign up, signs the contract, or fulfill an order referred by Classify24, and remains valid indefinitely, until termination by either party. Termination can occur at any time, with a period of notice of one month, in writing, by email, post or fax. The revenues generated during this notice period are still subject to the partnership agreement. The right to immediate termination by either party for important cause remains unaffected.
(2) The right to immediate termination in particular covers the case where the merchant repeatedly receives negative ratings and reviews on the website, and when these are not obviously unjustified. Repeatedly providing misleading information or withholding information required to present the merchant’s items is also grounds for immediate termination. Typos, mistakes and transmission errors are excluded from this, as long as they are not caused with intent or by gross negligence.


12. General

(1) If a single clause in this agreement is invalid, both parties will endeavor to replace the invalid clause by a valid one that reproduces as closely as possible the intended economic meaning of the invalid clause. The validity of the rest of the agreement remains unaffected. This applies in particular if the agreement is found to be incomplete.
(2) Classify24 reserves the right to modify his general terms and conditions without giving any justification. In that case, Classify24 will give the merchant adequate notice via email. The notice will contain advice on the right and period of objection to the changes, and on the consequences of leaving unexercised the right to object.
(3) The changed terms and conditions are considered agreed by the merchant if he does not object to them in writing within 2 weeks of receiving notice of the changes.
(4) Any terms and conditions of the merchant are not part of this agreement unless Classify24 expressly agrees to adhere to them in writing.